Sunday, 23 March 2014

Healthy Date Balls

I have been on a bit of a date kick lately, I've generally just been snacking on them just as they are but have seen a lot of different recipes on how to spice them up a bit!
I thought i would just go for a simple date ball rolled in coconut or almond flour
So all your need for a simple but tasty date ball..
mini chopper blender, i use the Ninja!
10 dates de-pipped
Desiccated coconut
Ground Almonds (or your own choice of nuts to roll them in)

First thing to do is pop your dates in your blender add a tsp of vanilla

Start blending and once your blender stops just from the dates getting too sticky add 1/2 tsp of ground almonds

Once it looks like a thick but playable paste stop blending 

Roll in to balls

Then roll into your nuts/coconut

Heres how they look once finished. Pop in an airtight container store either in the fridge or cool cupboard.



  1. These look lovely, going to have a go making them. Any idea on how many calories there are in one? Thanks

    1. Hi thank you! def give them ago so tasty and easy! i don't know how many calories sorry.. i usually only snack on one at a time thats what usually satisfies me :)


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