Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Top 5 Tips for parents with Fussy eaters!!

Ok so I'm no expert at all.. nor do i think I'm completely right about everything I'm going to tell you now, but i do have two children which will pretty much eat anything so i must be doing something right... Although i have definitely been through just a small inkling of what some parents go through daily with a fussy eater.
When Alister hit around 18 months he went through a fussy stage just generally didn't want to consume food! which was an absolute nightmare! I was so worried because he wasn't eating he would get ill, he was however still drinking lots of cows milk! he eventually got over it thankfully within a week or two..
Alister again just a couple of months back hit a stage where he kept saying 'i don't like that' or 'yuk' at everything i put in front of him!
Thankfully Violet has never caught on! Again he got over it after a week or two!
Anyway so my top tips to help you with your fussy eater, all these things are what we do and have always done with both my children, Alister nearly 5 yrs and Violet 2.5 yrs.

Top Tips

1- Don't offer anything else! Yep thats right we've always eaten the same, ALWAYS! no one gets a special different meal. Thats telling the child that theres nothing wrong with the meal in front of them as you are all eating it and two they will go hungry if they don't eat anything.

2- No pressure!! When your all sat round a table focus on something else.. talk about your day or wants going on tomorrow, if your hovering over your child pressure rising them to eat their meal likelihood they won't touch it. Just try to relax!
I know its easier said then done but if you want to see improvements it may just work!

3-  Limit Snacking.. Try not to let your child over snack throughout the day. a couple of bits of fruit here and there won't hurt but if they get full up on snacks, they won't be hungry for dinner!

4- Quantity/Variety - Try not to over fill your childs plate. It will probably over whelm them with worry at how much your expecting them to eat.
Encourage with what they do have even if they eat 3 peas and a carrot stick! everything is progress!

5- Make food FUN! Why does every meal time have to be scary and just a chore because thats how a lot of children/ fussy eaters feel. Cut food into different shapes, get cutters for sandwiches just to make food that bit more interesting, try getting your child to help in the kitchen, using a blunt knife to cut up a banana or mixing.

I hope some of these tips are helpful if you have a fussy eater or if your looking to wean your child and how to go about it!



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