Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Top healthy staple foods

As you know i try and stick to quite a healthy but varied diet..
I thought id share my "basic" healthy staples with you, these things are not necessarily things i use daily but definitely weekly..

1: Water- YES water! i drink lots of water throughout the day not only does it help me keep hydrated and motivated , its also great for weight-loss , healthy skin, the best thing for cleansing your body and digestive system.

2: Spinach- You all probably know i love spinach i will pretty much out it into most meals/ smoothies 
There are so many things to why you should add a little bit of spinach into your life heres just a few:
Spinach is a great source of Vitamin K, A & C and folic acid
High in fiber & water which means that its a great natural stool softener 
Packed full of iron so great if your feeling anaemic 
All these things are great for healthier hair, skin & nails

3: Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has so many uses, from cooking, baking to mouth wash or a hair mask. Again heres a good reason to make the switch, 
Great for digestion especially if you suffer with IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)
Feeling a little stressed try using it as a massage oil for relaxation
Great for nappy rash its antibacterial & anti fungal so makes a great natural barrier
Great for dry skin can be used absolutely anywhere on the body!

4: non dairy milks- Almond/ coconut- Even though having the choice to have raw milk from our farm i still personally choose to use 'nut' milks, Ive always suffered from severe migraines and dairy has never been a good choice to have in my body whether it be milk/ chocolate or cheese!
heres why I've chosen these particular milks:
They taste great! lets be honest i wouldn't drink them if they didn't!
they are still packed with calcium plus all the other vitamins, potassium, magnesium , iron to name a few.
lower in fat compared to regular milk.

5: Seeds- The two main seeds i use are flax & chia - both are well known as 'super foods' .
I love adding them to smoothies, cereal, porridge, baking theres are so many uses!
heres why to give these little seeds ago-
Flaxseed is full of fiber & omega 3 fatty acids ( the good ones) so again great for digestion.
Chia again contains the above with extra calcium 

6: Healthy carbs! Quinoa. cous cous, wholemeal rice/flour/- these are the starches i like to cook with mainly, of course we love the odd white potato mash but these few grains are great substitute!
they carry all the same benefits plus extras without having the starchy bloated feeling after eating! 

7:Avocado- Avocado again is like coconut oil can be used in so many different ways:
From hair & face masks 
Cooking / baking or just eating it as it is def how I like it! 
I also love adding it to smoothies & scrambled egg for breakfast. 
Avocado is quite high in 'fats' but really good fats which are great to lower cholesterol & really slow in sugar. Its packed full of Vitamin B6, B5, C & E 

8:Fruit- Me and the kids pretty much live off fruit! 
All fruits are healthy but here are list of the 'healthiest' ..
-Red grapes

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