Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Activities with Violet reaching 2.5 years old

Violet being 2.5 years now has really gotten into drawing / painting/ baking & crafts her concentration span has come on amazingly in the last few months.

Ive been doing all types of different activities with her since she was just months old but now it has got to the point where she's asking to do these things and not me just plonking her in front of it hoping for her to get involved and enjoy it!

This is great because we can sit down for a good 30 mins- 1hour sometimes longer colouring/ painting / play-doh, Baking & her new favourite thing is stampers!

I thoroughly enjoy having the one on one time with her talking about what were doing, counting going through colours all the prospects/tools are there without having the pressure of 'learning' which makes it so much more fun!

Her dolls house is  one of her absolute favourites, along with her picnic basket from Vtech and of course i can't forget her pushchair and babies!
She's obsessed with babies! Dressing them and undressing them, feeding , bathing she pretty much takes them everywhere and not just one about 4!
Just this week we purchased her very own scooter to, she tends to whiz around on it as soon as she wakes!

My little Lefty :)


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  1. It is great when they will sit still a little longer and concentrate on tasks. My daughter was like this from around 2, and like Violet, loved her arts and crafts activities, and still does at 4 and a half (in fact, she's drawing a I type now!). My son, at 19 months, is yet to hit the stage of concentrating on anything for more than 10 minutes max, so I yearn for this day! Though, it's great to see them sparked by so many interests that they can be restless - at least that's what I tell myself as I chase him around!


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