Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Breville Blend Active Review

Ive had my Breville active for about 3-4 months now so thought id let you know how I'm getting on with it!

Firstly i randomly purchased it from Tesco i didn't read any reviews or anything it was just an impulse buy on offer at £19 usually RRP £30

It first caught my eye by how tiny and sleek it looked, also  i noticed that it had a screw on lid which meant you can use the same bottle you blend with just pop on the lid and away you go!
Which means less washing up!

The bottle is 600ml which is a great amount and the screw on lid has a wide spout for thick smoothies/ shakes.

Heres some more information on it:

  • +Personal blender with portable bottle
  • +Features 600ml BPA-free eastman tritan copolyester blender bottle
  • +One-touch blending action with angled stainless steel blades
  • +Includes additional 600ml bottle with lockable lid
  • +Easy-clean, detachable, dishwasher-safe blades and blending bottles

The blade itself looks tiny but it really does a great job and blending frozen fruit & ice cubes in seconds!

I am so happy that i purchased it, i use it weekly without a bother for quick on the go or in a rush smoothies and as a busy mum of two its great.



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