Thursday, 17 April 2014

Scrummy Box April 2014

Ive posted a review on The Vegan Kind box telling you how much i loved it and I've recently come across a very simile box called Scrummy Box.
This box again is full of yummy vegan friendly treats the only difference is that it ONLY contains different types of snacks/food ranging from vegan, gluten free, dairy free, organic etc.

This is something i really like because I'm always looking to find new 'healthy' snacks for the children and myself.

Just like the Vegan Kind box this is a monthly subscription £10 plus £2.95 pp and you can cancel your box anytime.

Scrummy Box:

So my first box was great! I am very impressed, loved everything in it and have kept my subscription going for another month.

So heres whats inside!

Tyrells Apple Crisp RRP £1.19

Cocofina coconut water RRP £1.19

MooFree- mini moo bunny RRP 69p

Good Hemp- Seed tub RRP £3.89

Higher Living- Coconut Green Teapees RRP £ 4.79

Cake Stand- Orange & lemon Sherbet RRP 80p

The Chocolate Wendy House- cream egg RRP £1.20

Cofresh - handmade peanut bar RRP 31p

Heres my unboxing video!


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