Friday, 4 April 2014

Whats in my Mummy Bag?!

Ive been using 3 different bags over the last few months, and i thought id empty them all out a see exactly what was in them!

Well as you can see there was a whole load of chaos! receipts galore, toys and tons of different products because apparently i really need 2 hand creams & 3 lip balms in one bag!

I thought id give my bag a declutter / makeover! and decide exactly what bag i want to use!

 Heres the products that i thought needed to be in my handbag you know the essentials!

I used this clear wallet to put everything in so I'm not having products juggling around in the bottom of my bag! ( its from the travel section in Primark £1)

Heres what made the CUT!

+So starting off a nail file and essential for me as i end up catching my nails on things and can't stand nail biting!

+A hair band & hair pins for my hair of corse at the end of a long day i tend to put my hair up as it bothers me! 

+ Plasters not only for me but the kids of course! ( oh and usually id carry a compeed blister patch love those!)

+Mendill multi usage wipe, i got a couple of samples these are organic lightly fragranced and would be handy for freshening up!

+Green & Blacks mini dark chocolate just a little pick me up or a bribery chocolate treat for one of the kids!

+ Coconut oil i love this for my lips or if one of the children has a graze its antibacterial!

+Cuticura hand sanitiser a must have when you have kids or just in general when your hands are feeling a little grubby!

+Sachet of child Nurofen again need in emergency for one of the kids if unwell ( i also usually carry Nurofen for me a migraine sufferer)

+Lip balm for dry chapped lips

+ Hand cream i have to use hand cream after i wash my hands!

+ Mirror just for those bad skin or smudged makeup kind of days!

+ My favourite everyday lipstick! currently and has been for the last year or two Calvin Klein's Henna.

+ Lastly pocket tissues!

For other essentials i always always carry my diary/planner! this one is from Joules & a pen of course! My purse is from Whistles & iPhone 4s. 
I usually always carry a bottle of water to!

Heres the Bag I have gone for my Zara City Mini! Love this goes with pretty much any outfit! 


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