Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Whats in Violets Toddler bag?!

As i did a whats in my bag i thought i show you what typically is in Violets bag..
Violet is now 2.5 years old & Potty Trained.

Heres Whats in her bag-

+ Change of clothing/ underwear is a must for any baby/toddler!

+ A bib again still needed for those messy snacks!

+ Baby Wipes can't live without these things for both kids & i sometimes!

+ Tissues for obvious reasons.

+ Nappy bags not for nappies but for wet/dirty clothing etc these come in handy for everything!

+ Baby Neurofen if she's under the weather

+ Arnicare have been using this stuff for years! Its a natural herbal first aid cream which can be used on all types of injuries, knocks & bruises. It instantly soothes the area and helps prevent bruises appearing.

+ Plasters 

+ Violets spare hair bands and clips as she has a tendency to pull hers out and lose them!

+ Spare hand cream & lip balm for me!

+ All the little bits i put in the Cath Kidson floral pouch.

And extras thrown in from Violet herself -

+ she generally always takes a soft toy or baby with her.

+ I like to add her own writing pad and crayons.

+ Along with a couple of books

+ And these letter flash cards are also a great distraction! (from M&S)



  1. Ah, I do like this feature, and I like her bag (my two love Peppa!) A pad and crayons serve you well whenever you have to wait somewhere, don't they?!

  2. yes they definitely love having a scribble to keep them occupied!


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