Saturday, 31 May 2014

Date night Get Ready With Me!

Heres a few pictures from my 'Get ready with me' i recorded on my channel.
Ill leave the link below!

Top- Primark

 Jeans- GAP

Bag- Fiorelli
Sandals- Rocket Dog

GRWM Video- 


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Discipline | highs/lows, consequences ETC!

I recently filmed a video on discipline I'll link it below, I've had requests and questions all the time about how we deal with the kids behaviour etc.

Being a parent can be so difficult especially choosing the 'right' strategy to use on your child/ children when it comes to discipline / consequences etc.. 

We all have our own way no one is necessarily right or wrong but all we do want out off it is for our child to understand that the behaviour that they are showing isn't exceptable.

Alister reaching 5 now his behaviour can be difficult I always imagined as a child gets older it will get easier because they will be old enough to understand more .. Totally wrong! It's definitely gotten harder over the years because they've learnt how to back chat, and challenge you whenever they can! 

Alister has a tendency to have mini melt downs if he has to do something he doesn't want to do.
He can also get very pushy with me and sometimes even quite hurtful with his words. 

I know deep down he doesn't mean it as it doesn't take long for an apology! 

Violet at 2.5 now is following his foot steps for sure. Having a boisterous brother showing her all trates  defitnely isn't helping! 

I've noticed Violet is definitely a child that acts up or has mini melt downs mainly when she's tired so sometimes it's like treading on egg shells when it comes to early afternoon.

The best way to deal with Both of them is usually time out in their room if they've been rather naughty, hurt one another or rude. 

It takes them away from the environment and also gives them time to reflect on their behaviour. 
Both of them are pretty good at staying in their room. 

Explaining to them why they are in their room and how long they will stay in there is really important otherwise some children can honestly be oblivious to what they have done! 

Taking toys / postponing trips is also something we use with both of them, this works well with Alister mainly with him being older to understand. Sometimes he will have toys taken away for 2/3 days , he usually has to earn them back , this could be by just being well behaved, helpful and kind. 

The most important thing with all of the above is following through.. I definitely never used to! And both of them realised it so it never really showed authority. Then they'd both just 'act' up all over again. 
Untill I really followed through with removing toys/ cancelling trips to soft play / play dates etc it really started to sink in that mummy does mean what she says! 

I hope this ramble above has given you a few tips on improving or helping you with your child/ children with their behaviour or just giving you a push with following through with consequences as it's ok for children to have them!

We really don't need to raise a hand at our children to show them that we are in charge!

Heres my Video about Discipline and our struggles/ highs & lows with two children.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

The BIG transition from Cot to Bed!

So when is the right time transition them?

When their climbing out?
when they've grown out of their cot?
or is it an age thing when they hit their 2nd birthday?

Only you will know when is the best time for child to go into a bed.. when you truly think they are ready!

A lot of people from my own experience think that its bliss when your child finally goes into a bed because you no longer have to get them in & out of a cot especially in the mornings!

But from my own experience and knowing other mums that have battled with their child to even stay in their bed can be more chaos then its worth!

Sometimes keeping them in that cot just those few months longer can not only keep the normal bed time routine as stress free as it usually is but it also gives you the reassurance knowing that your child is safe and sound in their cot!

So i suppose the main reason in my opinion to move your child from cot to bed is when its getting unsafe.. their starting to climb out in anyway possible even on the lowest setting thats probably the best time to start.

You'll know if the transition isn't the right time because it will turn in to a big game of trying to keep the toddler in bed! You can preceed and over come it but it makes take a few nights!

Both my transitioned at 23 months without a bother although Violet has always been a pickle since being in a bed because now she thinks its better to sleep on the floor! strange child!

So tips on the transition:

+ Whether your taking the sides of a cot bed and using a toddler rail or buying a brand new bed involve and explain to your child exactally what your up to and make it exciting!

+ Give them a choice you may think your childs ready to move but actually ask your child if they'd like to be in a 'big' bed because you never know they might not want to!

+ Follow your normal every evening bed time routine, it will help with the whole transition if everything is the same..

+ Make sure you have a regular bed time routine in place so they know all the drills when going to bed.

+ Reassure and explain to them about getting up to use the potty etc, just take make night time wake ups go more smoothly!

+ Also a night light is great for if they are having to get up to use the potty/ toilet.

+ Lastly make the transition fun & relaxed, get loads of their favourite books bring mummy & daddy in to bed snuggle and read until settled.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Navy & Yellow - Mummy OOTD'S

As you maybe aware my favourite colour to wear has to be navy! Im not a black lover at all i generally find it washes me out , Navy is defiantly my black!

This year i have found some amazing pieces that have just caught my eye and they all have been in the 'yellow' department for some reason!

I find it goes great with navy and just adds a pop of colour to my wardrobe!

First outfit-
Trousers- H&M ( can't find online)
 Bag- Boden ( no longer available)
 Sandals- Sainsburys
Nails- BarryM- Prickly Pear

2nd Outfit
Necklace- Boden ( no longer available)
Tshirt- Primark

3rd Outfit
White vest top- Primark
Bag- city mini Zara (only grey or black available can find inshore though)
My pumps are from BANK last year
 Nails- Essie Butler please

Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post I'm hoping to do it in a video style soon but its honestly finding thee time/ own time without kids running round me :)


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Alister turns 5 today!

How did that happen? I remember like it was yesterday finding out i was pregnant on holiday at centre parks! Then 9 months later giving birth to a gorgeous healthy fair haired 7lbs 4oz baby boy!
We were over the moon!

                                                                                                                        3 days old

13 months

3 years old
4years old

This morning officially 5 years!

Why do they grow up so quick? Since Alister starting school i feel like he's gotten bigger and older within months not just years! Im definitely cherishing these weekends and one on one time we do get.

The craziest thing to me is that he's already talking about his 6th birthday!!! What?! All i keep saying to him is slow down! enjoy being 5 as the years just past too quick to wish being older!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist Review

I recently received this Optrex Eye Moisture mist from Buzz Agent I've been using it for the last 3 weeks and i thought id do a review on it as I've really liked using it!

Heres why!

Ive been wearing contact lenses for the last 7 years and have always battled with dry eyes during and after wearing lenses. I usually just buy the normal eye drops for contacts lens wearers which do the job but i have to use them at least three times a day to keep my eyes feeling comfortable.

Since using the Optrex Moisture mist i haven't touched my drops! The mist gives my eyes such a refreshing boost in the mornings and honestly i only occasionally will use it again before bed.

Heres a bit more about it-

+ It restores moisture in and around your eyes

+ Contains Pro-vitamin B5 and liposomes

+ Doesn't smudge make up

+ Can be used for contact lens wearers

+ lasts upto 100 uses

Simply spray on to closed eye lids and blink to distribute.

This spray version claims for whiter & brighter eyes.. I'm not sure I've noticed my eyes get any whiter but they definitely look slightly brighter and less dry which is good.

I really like using this its defiantly become part of my daily routine.

The only down side is the price at £15.99 its a little steep! but honestly i think i will purchase in the future!

Alisters 5th Birthday Presents

Thought id show you and hopefully give you some ideas for little boys birthdays presents!

Alister will be 5 on 21st May, wheres has the time gone?!

Alister got a scooter a few weeks back as part of his birthday present he got it early because i wanted to get Violet one also.
Heres the one i ordered for him, its fab because it folds down so small and compact and was only £20! Toys RUS- (currently half price!)

Picked up this dump truck from Costco a few months ago for £11 this will be a great outdoor toy and something he definitely doesn't have!

Again for Costco for £9.99 he's really getting into writing and of course loves Lego!

The Power ranger figurine was from ASDA on offer £9.99 and the Transformer be aster hunter was from Sainsburys £6.50

Both from Sainsburys they've had some great deals on boys toys recently! 
Star wars Lego & one of the new mini figures from the Simpsons.

Lastly his main present a digital camera with case.
This has 9.1 MP , LCD screen, easy load to computer , auto flash & anti shake.
Brought this from Amazon for £20 case was £4.99 both here-

I brought him a 'adult' camera because he loves using mine and no how to use the controls so thought this would be a lot better then the basic kiddies ones, which generally are more expensive and they don't have half the gadgets like a normal camera.

Heres a full more in detail video about them!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Alisters new bedroom!

We've lived in our bungalow for just over a year now and have been doing it up bit by bit.

Alisters room was pretty much the only space we haven't touched and i couldn't wait to get my hands on it and make it into a more 'grown' up space/ environment for him.

Hes approaching 5 at the end of this month and i no thats not very old still a baby in my eyes but his room clearly states toddler! and he absolutely hates it as do i!

I have been waiting for some sort of sign whether it be a duvet/ rug or lampshade that screams out Alister!

Finally i came across a new line NEXT have brought our recently , its still colourful / playful yet boyish and not baby i totally feel in love with it!

Thankfully i showed it to Alister and he agreed hurray!
I was honestly worried that he might of wanted to go down the lego/ action hero duvet/ curtain sets but he didn't seem phased!

Although the idea of those sets are great and i know personally growing up i wanted them to!
I just wanted to pick something more that he could grow into/ with and not grow out of if you know what i mean?
Duvets & curtains are not cheap so i don't want to be changing them every year!

His room was utter chaos, scribbles over the walls, paint swatches, complete disorganised toys i hated just stepping in the room!!

Anyway ill get on to the before pictures!

Heres the after! 
Im so pleased with how it turned out! Alister loves his 'big boy' room :)

Bed- john lewis

Bookcase- Argos can't find online


I hope it given you some inspiration if your looking to do up your childs room!

Video of his full room in detail here- 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Recent Cosmetic purchases!

Thought id share some recent buys in the cosmetic/ make up department!

I did a Feelunique order online as they were doing a 15% off everything code & i needed a few things!

So i reordered some more Jason Naturals kids sunscreen we've nearly run out and i absolutely love this sunscreen! factor 45, water resistant for upto 80 mins , smells like bananas! sinks in the skin without making you look like a ghost and best of all its free from SLS , parabens, petroleum's, artificial colours & phthalates! bargain price at £11.99 they do a good range if your not looking just for kids here-

I had run out of roll on so thought id give this Jason Aloe vera roll on ago and so far i really like it!-

Again i had used up my body butter and this looked like a good replacement! Jason nourishing Cocoa Butter it smells divine!-

And lastly i thought id give this Jason Tea Tree Conditioner a try i have yet to use it!-

Then i popped into boots they were having a 3 for 2 deal on which is so great i basically brought makeup i had run out of and got £11 worth of things free!!

I picked up my usual Seventeen Doll'd up mascara in brown/black love this stuff!-
Along with Maybellines Brow Drama again total must have!-

My usual base for around the warmer time of year is the Maybelline 8 in 1 BB Cream this is the type especially for oily skin. I get it in the medium shade , amazing light weight formula with great coverage. -

This was an impulse freebie buy i saw this when i picked up the mascara and swatch it and instantly needed it! its a gorgeous Seventeen WOW 3 way highlighter/ illuminator/ primer!
Can be applied under foundation or on top. -

Swatch this lipstick from the Seventeen mirror shine range i have beehive & peace and love the formula, these are also so affordable at £4.79! loving the new packaging with the pop out mirror how handy! I chose the shade Camisole gorgeous glossy nude totally in love! -

Lastly an Essie polish i have been eyeing up for about a year! Lilacism such a lovely pastel pale lilac.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Loreal Paris Cream Gloss Review

I recently received the Loreal Paris cream gloss hair dye in chocolate to try/ review!

I have never used this brand of hair dye before but i always home dye my hair, its so much cheaper and i still get really good results instead of going in to a salon.

So heres my thoughts..
Firstly i went for the shade Chocolate, usually id choose a medium brown/ golden brown but his time i wanted something warmer since were going into summer.

Heres a before picture- sorry non washed or brushed hair! Also last time i dyed my hair was 4 moths prior so have huge roots.

Inside the box you get you leaflet with a guide on how to apply your hair dye etc.. Theres a few different steps from leaving it on for 20 minutes to 45 mins.

You have the steps 1,2,3 on the bottles which makes life so easy when putting the 'chemicals' together and mixing them up!

Make sure you do the scalp test if you've never used before i did this because i have a sensitive scalp and really didn't want a reaction.

Hers how i looks once applied, i was quite shocked at how red it looked a first! since i was going for a chocolate brown not red!
The hair dye itself when applying was a really pleasant smell not over powering with the smell of  toxic chemicals like some. And i didn't even have to use the whole bottle which is a surprise because my hair is super long!

I washed my hair just after 20 minutes and noticed instantly when washing that my hair didn't feel like straw! A lot of hair dyes I've used in the past when washing the dye out before shampooing my hair feels so dry & brittle but my hair didn't at all!

I continued to shampoo/ condition with the conditioner provided which smelt lovely and big enough to get a second use out of which is good!

This it the result once dried naturally and brushed.

Im so happy with the results my hair looks and feels super soft and shiny. the colour is a lovely warm chocolate brown with no staining to my skin which is always good!

I can't recommend it enough and will definitely purchase in the future!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Breakfasts for the week!

Well since i showed you my dinners last week i thought id show you what i had for breaky!

Sunday- Smoothie- The Exotic smoothie recipe-

Monday- Home-made Granola recipe-
with Almond milk & cut up strawberries/ mango.

Tuesday- Scrambled egg, avocado & a mini bagel and a latte from my Tassimo!

Wednesday- Ready Brek with almond milk, bananas, flaked almonds & a drizzle of maple syrup.

Thursday- Apple pie Oatmeal ( slow cooker) I've got a recipe coming up on this!! so good :)

Friday- Croissant with butter & Jam with freshly squeezed blood orange juice

Saturday- Gluten free Panceks with raspberries/ banana & maple syrup. recipe here-

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