Friday, 16 May 2014

Alisters new bedroom!

We've lived in our bungalow for just over a year now and have been doing it up bit by bit.

Alisters room was pretty much the only space we haven't touched and i couldn't wait to get my hands on it and make it into a more 'grown' up space/ environment for him.

Hes approaching 5 at the end of this month and i no thats not very old still a baby in my eyes but his room clearly states toddler! and he absolutely hates it as do i!

I have been waiting for some sort of sign whether it be a duvet/ rug or lampshade that screams out Alister!

Finally i came across a new line NEXT have brought our recently , its still colourful / playful yet boyish and not baby i totally feel in love with it!

Thankfully i showed it to Alister and he agreed hurray!
I was honestly worried that he might of wanted to go down the lego/ action hero duvet/ curtain sets but he didn't seem phased!

Although the idea of those sets are great and i know personally growing up i wanted them to!
I just wanted to pick something more that he could grow into/ with and not grow out of if you know what i mean?
Duvets & curtains are not cheap so i don't want to be changing them every year!

His room was utter chaos, scribbles over the walls, paint swatches, complete disorganised toys i hated just stepping in the room!!

Anyway ill get on to the before pictures!

Heres the after! 
Im so pleased with how it turned out! Alister loves his 'big boy' room :)

Bed- john lewis

Bookcase- Argos can't find online


I hope it given you some inspiration if your looking to do up your childs room!

Video of his full room in detail here- 



  1. I really love the room, the stripes on the wall are brilliant. This is exactly how I would like my sons room to look when he is a little older. I like that is not a 'themed' room so definitely something he can grow into.

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