Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Discipline | highs/lows, consequences ETC!

I recently filmed a video on discipline I'll link it below, I've had requests and questions all the time about how we deal with the kids behaviour etc.

Being a parent can be so difficult especially choosing the 'right' strategy to use on your child/ children when it comes to discipline / consequences etc.. 

We all have our own way no one is necessarily right or wrong but all we do want out off it is for our child to understand that the behaviour that they are showing isn't exceptable.

Alister reaching 5 now his behaviour can be difficult I always imagined as a child gets older it will get easier because they will be old enough to understand more .. Totally wrong! It's definitely gotten harder over the years because they've learnt how to back chat, and challenge you whenever they can! 

Alister has a tendency to have mini melt downs if he has to do something he doesn't want to do.
He can also get very pushy with me and sometimes even quite hurtful with his words. 

I know deep down he doesn't mean it as it doesn't take long for an apology! 

Violet at 2.5 now is following his foot steps for sure. Having a boisterous brother showing her all trates  defitnely isn't helping! 

I've noticed Violet is definitely a child that acts up or has mini melt downs mainly when she's tired so sometimes it's like treading on egg shells when it comes to early afternoon.

The best way to deal with Both of them is usually time out in their room if they've been rather naughty, hurt one another or rude. 

It takes them away from the environment and also gives them time to reflect on their behaviour. 
Both of them are pretty good at staying in their room. 

Explaining to them why they are in their room and how long they will stay in there is really important otherwise some children can honestly be oblivious to what they have done! 

Taking toys / postponing trips is also something we use with both of them, this works well with Alister mainly with him being older to understand. Sometimes he will have toys taken away for 2/3 days , he usually has to earn them back , this could be by just being well behaved, helpful and kind. 

The most important thing with all of the above is following through.. I definitely never used to! And both of them realised it so it never really showed authority. Then they'd both just 'act' up all over again. 
Untill I really followed through with removing toys/ cancelling trips to soft play / play dates etc it really started to sink in that mummy does mean what she says! 

I hope this ramble above has given you a few tips on improving or helping you with your child/ children with their behaviour or just giving you a push with following through with consequences as it's ok for children to have them!

We really don't need to raise a hand at our children to show them that we are in charge!

Heres my Video about Discipline and our struggles/ highs & lows with two children.


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