Monday, 12 May 2014

Loreal Paris Cream Gloss Review

I recently received the Loreal Paris cream gloss hair dye in chocolate to try/ review!

I have never used this brand of hair dye before but i always home dye my hair, its so much cheaper and i still get really good results instead of going in to a salon.

So heres my thoughts..
Firstly i went for the shade Chocolate, usually id choose a medium brown/ golden brown but his time i wanted something warmer since were going into summer.

Heres a before picture- sorry non washed or brushed hair! Also last time i dyed my hair was 4 moths prior so have huge roots.

Inside the box you get you leaflet with a guide on how to apply your hair dye etc.. Theres a few different steps from leaving it on for 20 minutes to 45 mins.

You have the steps 1,2,3 on the bottles which makes life so easy when putting the 'chemicals' together and mixing them up!

Make sure you do the scalp test if you've never used before i did this because i have a sensitive scalp and really didn't want a reaction.

Hers how i looks once applied, i was quite shocked at how red it looked a first! since i was going for a chocolate brown not red!
The hair dye itself when applying was a really pleasant smell not over powering with the smell of  toxic chemicals like some. And i didn't even have to use the whole bottle which is a surprise because my hair is super long!

I washed my hair just after 20 minutes and noticed instantly when washing that my hair didn't feel like straw! A lot of hair dyes I've used in the past when washing the dye out before shampooing my hair feels so dry & brittle but my hair didn't at all!

I continued to shampoo/ condition with the conditioner provided which smelt lovely and big enough to get a second use out of which is good!

This it the result once dried naturally and brushed.

Im so happy with the results my hair looks and feels super soft and shiny. the colour is a lovely warm chocolate brown with no staining to my skin which is always good!

I can't recommend it enough and will definitely purchase in the future!


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