Tuesday, 6 May 2014

When is your child ready to potty train?

So the question as above that every parent probably asks is "how will i know when my child is ready to potty train?" And my answer to that is THEY will know!

When i first had Alister then fell pregnant with Violet with only them being 29 months apart i never imagined Alister would be potty trained before i had her, i kind of assumed 29 months seemed rather young especially as a lot of my nieces didn't PT till around 3yrs.

But Alister completely surprised me and was PT by 25 months!

I always asked my mum when was the best age to start trying  to PT him and the only tip she ever gave me was "just wait till he is ready, he will tell you" ,  I kind of thought ok well were in no rush lets just see what happens.

When Alister his 2yrs we went on holiday in a caravan and he instantly wanted to use the toilet there! we just went along with it and didnt think too much of it but of course praised him for being such a big boy!
When we got home he just started sitting on the potty we had in the bathroom, it had been sat there for months prier to him sitting on it and i had never really mentioned to him what it was for!

That first ever wee he did in the potty i praised the life out of him which he found so encouraging!
he continued to use the potty over the next few days then i finally bit the bullet and we went out together to choose pants!

Of course he was super excited and chose some spider man ones from H&M we still actually have them!!
From then he grew more confident with using the potty whipping off his nappy as soon as he got up to use it.

Of course he had the odd accident which was bound to happen but literally i could count on one hand how many accidents he had in the first few months.

By 29 months Alister was fully PT day and night! and honestly it felt like a breeze and my mum said thats exactly how its should be when their ready it should never be traumatising or stressful for either you or them.

As you know I've gone on to have Violet i won't go into a long ramble like above but she pretty much PT the same way but at 23 months and was fully dry day and night by 24/25 months it was a very quick/ smooth transition to pants.

I may be blessed with children that have amazing bladders who knows but i definitely know that both of them fully READY!

So some tips for when its TIME!

+ When you see some first signs don't go crazy rush out buy this & that and get all excited because actually it could easily freak them out and they could completely rebound and not want to PT whatsoever!

+ PRAISE! when that first wee hits that potty praise them like crazy!! but i wouldn't recommend rewarding with sweets because they will expect that every time!

+ If for one reason or another your child wees on the potty 2days in a row then completely rebounds, just let it go.. the more pressure/ tension that child gets from you wanting them to sit on that potty its likely that the child won't want to touch it!

+ Dont freak out! I know the last thing we want is for our kids to wee / poo on the carpet but its a huge learning curve for them controlling their little bladders try and keep as cool as a cucumber if it does happen!

+ Let them be in control, whether its choosing their new potty, pants , toddler wipes or foaming hand wash all these things are fun for a toddler so the best experience they get straight away will help in the long run!

I uploaded a video more in detail on potty training!



  1. Love your videos and blog posts especially advice ones like this. I'm a new Mom and getting to grips with everything so I find it all very interesting. You're a fantastic Mom. I can only hope to be as good a Mom to Grace as you seem to be with Alister and Violet x x

    1. thank you :) ah I'm definitely sure you will be :) x x


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