Monday, 23 June 2014

Baby Annabell | Zapf Creation Review

We were lucky enough to be asked to do a review on Baby Annabell a few weeks ago, So we were sent the Baby Annabell interactive Doll.
I knew Violet would be extremely excited having a new doll as she is utterly obsessed with her babies!

First impressions of the doll was that it was a really life like size, she measures 46cm (18inch) and her expression before putting batteries in her were very realistic.

Baby Annabell is for a child aged 2 years and over, she comes with a few accessories including a bottle, hat & dummy/ comforter which makes having a baby doll even more realistic!

Once we inserted 4 x AA batteries into her back she came to life!

More about Baby Annabell

+ She Cries real tears.

+Her eyes open and close and reacts to any sort of touch or sound.

+She makes some amazingly realistic baby noises giggles, Burps, cooing and crying Graham seriously thought we had a baby in the house until i told him it was the doll!

+When sucking her bottle or dummy she makes the 'suckling' noises and her mouth also moves in and out.

+She also drinks real water from her bottle which is a great added touch in my opinion.

The only Con i can think of and this is from what Violet has said, is that she is a little heavy for her to carry but I'm sure with time as she gets older it won't be a problem.

So would i recommend this doll for your child? I definitely would and so would Violet they are pretty inseparable at the moment!
Its a very unique and cute doll, unlike any dolls I've come across before. tThe fact it comes with accessories is great and you can buy added items, such as new outfits , prams, highchairs the list is endless!

Heres the website where you can view all the dolls & accessories -

Baby Annabell is sold in most toy shops from Toy RUS, Argos and even online stores such as Amazon & Ebay.

You can buy Baby Annabell here-
Her average price os £47.99 and although that may sound steep for a baby doll, Baby Annabell is such an interactive and well made doll you won't need to buy any other!

Heres a short clip of Baby Annabell in action!


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