Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Current favourite Apps!

Thought id share my current most used apps on my phone, i honestly don't have many apps at all I'm rather boring! I don't have any games other then a peppa pig one and lego game and you can guess who they for!
                    But as you know i do like the world of social media & picture taking!

Heres my most used apps from left to right starting at the top!

A beautiful mess- This app is great for not only making your picture into a collage but also adding writing to them, changing the colour, adding a border/ cropping or adding a background image i use this a lot for adding text mainly.

Instagram- Probably my most favourite app to be honest! i love uploading picture and even shorts clips to this app, its like a daily diary for me, i think id be lost with out it! Come follow me if you don't already!- Violetmae30

Bloglovin- Ok this app is quite a new one for me! finding the world of blogging only in the past 6-9 months i came across bloglovin, it basically holds all my favourite bloggers in one place! you can refresh for new updates and find new people to watch. great app!

Days out with kids ( sun ) - i ve had this app a few years its super handy because it basically gives you a map list of things to do in your area with the kids! just pop in your postcode and the amount of miles you want to travel and it will list tons of ideas! It also has reviews, prices & links. very useful app when you've got children and they are bored!

Twitter- This again is a new one i kind of found the world of twitter years ago when it first came out then got bored but have recently rediscovered! Im enjoying retweeting useful things, entering giveaways and following new brands and people! twitter name - thewittfamily21 if you fancy following ill follow back :)

Blogger- Another recent app but i absolutely love it! a complete must if your into blogging on the go or just sat chilling with the kids but don't want to or can't get to a computer! i love also using this for editing my rough guided blogs and for jotting down new ideas.

Pic Stitch- I have been using this app for years like 'ABM' it makes collages out of you pictures but it has way more choice i prefer this collage maker over the one above, this one is also free!

Pinterest- Oh yes i found pinterest about 2 or so months ago completely obsessed in every way! This is such a useful yet addictive app. i love pinning new recipes, ideas for absolutely anything from cooking,baking, sewing, gardening the list is endless!

Nike running- A brand spanking new app i just downloaded! I need to get my butt in shape lol! Me and my friend have teamed together and decided to take the babies ( her baby) my toddler out in the all terrain jogger strollers a couple times a week so i think this app will come in handy I've heard good reviews! It tracks you time, speed, and distance with a kind of 'personal trainer' guiding you along the way.

So that is my most used apps, i suppose i could of added Facebook plus my own Facebook (the witt family) page also as i use both of those to!

What apps do you recommend i try?

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