Sunday, 15 June 2014

Saviour Snacks Subscription Box

I recently received a new subscription box called 'Saviour Snacks' -
One of my subscribers sent me a code to get £10 off the first box so how could i not resist! code by the way is  FB495

They have quite a few different boxes and are actually very different to a lot of other subscriptions i have used before!
They have so much variety and not only that if you have a certain allergy or specific 'diet' your own they will have a box for you!

Here are the box choices-

The Ultimate Saviour £14.95- 10 sweet & savoury snacks to choose from.

The Super Skinny £14.95- For someone who is calories counting 14 varieties of yummy snacks 120cals or less.

The Super Saviour £75 - A choice of 50 snacks again a variety of sweet & savoury.

The Gluten free Box £14.95- for a choice of sweet & savoury gluten free snacks.

The Dairy Free Box £14.95- 10 sweet & savoury dairy free snacks.

The Vegetarian box £14.95- 10 sweet/ savoury vegetarian snacks.

The Vegan Box £14.95- Again like above a variety of sweet & savoury snacks.

So as you can see they pretty much cater for everyones needs!

Heres what was in my first box i was so impressed and the variety and quantity of each item.

Heres a video of me showing you whats inside-


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