Sunday, 27 July 2014

All Bran 5 Day Challenge!

I couldn't wait to sign up to the Kellogg's 5 Day All Bran Challenge especially since breakfast is my favourite time to eat! Being a busy mum of two young children i am constantly on the go so always looking for a good start to my day.

I received 3 new varieties of All Bran, Red Berry, Golden Crunch & Chocolate Wheats.
Me and my son Alister age 5 completed the 5 day challenge, we both tried all of them and the firm favourite for him being the chocolate Wheats of course and mine was the Red berry crunch.

All Bran Claim to help bloating & they all come with 'digestive health benefits to make you feel happy inside. '

So how did we feel after 5days? I felt really great i loved the fact that one bowl filled me up right to lunch which rarely happens to be honest i always usually need a snack in-between.
I didn't feel bloated at all finishing each bowl so i suppose my tummy felt good no complaints here!
My son enjoyed the Chocolate Wheats and was gutted when he had pretty much finished the whole box himself!

The only thing that concerns me about Kellogg's All Bran was the amount of sugar in each box/ per portion thats definitely one thing i like to keep track of through all of ours diets and especially in cereal. Having said that the fibre content is really good.

Golden Crunch- 13g fibre per 100g. 21g of sugar per 100g

Chocolate Wheats- 10g fiber per 100g. 19g of sugar per 100g

Red Berry Crunch- 13g fibre per 100g 21g of sugar per 100g.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and have continued until the boxes were empty so that has to say something about the cereal!

Heres a video of our '5 Day Challenge Journey'


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer fun in the sun | Ideas & Inspiration

This is the first year I've been counting down to the 6 weeks holiday because Alister has finished his first year at school and I've missed him so much it will be great to have him around all day every day for the next 6 weeks... Ok I'll probably be pulling my hair out somedays trying to think of ideas to Occupy and stimulate his little brain but I suppose that's just normal!

I've always always dreaded the 6 weeks holidays since having children because of the busyness, school kids everywhere and the extortionate prices things are this specific time of year!
But this year being it our first time to holiday in the peak season and doing other activities, I've decided it really doesn't have to cost a small fortune!

I've been searching the Pinterest world once again for some cheap or even free fun activities for the children over summer which I really want to share!

Water balloons & simple DIY pump- my two love water balloons so cheap and hours of fun for all ages this homemade pump is also really great because even a toddler could use it!

Flag hunt! - If you have a big garden or even be great at a local park, again for all ages hide lots of flags set a timer and let the kids & big kids go wild and even throw in a cheap and cheerful prize for the winner! 

Washable chalk paint- we have loads of old broken chalks so I can't wait to give this one ago!

Body tracing art- I really think both mine would love this, trace around their bodies on a large bit of cardboard and let them draw themselves and paint them it would be lovely to see how they see themselves.

Number sense craftivity- Alister loves doing small multiplications and I think this method would be extra fun for him and I think Violet may also really enjoy some basic sums.

Toddler boredom busters! This is a Link full of many ideas for tiny toddlers from water play, sorting & dancing!

Super simple two ingredient play-doh- stretchy and will probably smell amazing to can't wait to try!

Here's a whole load of outdoor water activities you'll have to try at least once this summer!

Sharpie mug- grab some permanent markers and white mugs from your local pound store and let the kids get creative! Great for a rainy day.

Make your own bubbles- this is one thing that costs me a lot at the moment as my two love bubbles 

Cloud dough- totally new to me but looks super fun and cheap!

Masking tape road- we've done this a few times winner every time with kids & great for a wet day!

Glitter GAK- again we made this last year such messy creative fun!

10 ways to make memories for free- this link really made me smile & to just take life back to basics.

There are 100's if not 1000's of ideas on Pinterest so go check them out and even feel free to follow me- thewittfamily click the link on the side.


Friday, 25 July 2014

The Vegan Kind July 2014 | 9

This is my 9th box from The Vegan Kind and definitely one of my favourites!

Heres where you can buy TVK box-

 Vita coco natural coconut water- RRP £2.50 I don't enjoy this personally as a drink alone but its tastes great in smoothies and homemade ice lollies!

Squeeze Wheat grass Juice Shot RRP £ 2 Have yet to try this sounds interesting and a bit pricey in my opinion. Supposed to be a natural health boost filled with over 90 minerals!

Frank honest snacking bar- RRP £1 Ive tried these bars before really tasty 100% natural ingredients great little snack for on the go. Gluten free.

Coconut Organics- CocoBacon RRP £2.35 Haven't tried these either but the sound super yummy! i love anything bacon flavour!

VEGO fairtrade vegan hazelnut chocolate bar RRP £3.50 This is delicious! me and the kids devoured it through the day. tastes just like ordinary chocolate, melts in the mouth and has lovely chunks of hazelnut through it. Dairy free.

Vegan Heavenly Organics Skin Care- shampoo RRP £2.40 This is a really cool idea for a natural shampoo, its a dry powder which you add water to, to make a paste which you apply to your hair leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse and you have clean hair! Have yet to try this but can wait to give it ago!

Video of TVK box opening


Monday, 14 July 2014

Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly Review

I saw this 'hair lightener' on the TV and couldn't wait to get my hands on it to see how it would take to my hair! Im generally not someone who likes dyeing my hair often and i never really do anything extreme ever! I usually just dye it a chocolate brown all over.

But as the weather is getting warmer i really fancied trying to get more of a naturally highlighted look without having the starking ombre as i don't think id personally like blondness on me.

The Loreal Casting jelly supposedly lightens your hair over time with heat.
Theres no need to wash out just apply with gloves provided and leave to dry either naturally or with a hair dryer. The heat from the hairdryer with help 'activate' the colour though.

Heres my hair before applying the 'jelly'

The consistency of the lightener is just like a conditioner, it doesn't have too much of a smell either which is good!

So heres after.. You can definitely see a lighter difference, but it took a few weeks to get to this I'm not joking! I think the reason is probably because 1- My hair isn't its natural colour and it does say best use on natural hair. and 2- my hair is quite dark!

I think this would work great if you followed the rules on the tube!
But I'm glad I've given it ago and i really like the look of it! Ive had a few compliments to!

Just for reference i used the Dark blonde to light brown which is the 'darkest' they have, you can buy it from most drug stores & supermarkets for no more then £5-£6.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tassimo by Bosch T40 Fidelia Multi Drinks Machine Review

Ive had my Tassimo machine for just over 6 months now so thought i would finally do a review and tell you more about it.

About the machine -

+ It has an intelligent barcode system which will identify your selected drink and automatically adjust the temperature and amount of water for every cup for the perfect drink every time!

+ Theres 35+ varieties of drinks to choose from plus new ones which come out regularly.

+ Water capacity is 2litres so you don't have to top up too often.

+ Descale warning feature & when it is time to descale just press a button and its complete in 20 mins.

+ Adjustable cup stand for any size mug plus drip tray.

+ Its a nice slim line design perfect for any size worktop - Size H27.3, W20.4, D33.4cm.

honestly use it weekly not necessarily daily, its so handy having 'coffee shop' coffee in my own home i very rarely buy a coffee out now!

The Tassimo is a great appliance for your kitchen work top if your a coffee drinker in my opinion, yes they do have a few range of teas and hot chocolates to choose from but id say its mainly dedicated to the coffee drinker!

You can buy your Tassimo from many stores they currently have it on offer on amazon-

Here are a few coffees, tea & hot chocolates from the range!
You can purchase them on the Tassimo website-
and other places either in supermarkets or on amazon.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Outfits over the last two weeks! | JUNE 2014

Thought id share a couple of outfits from the last two weeks!

Outfit 1- 
Mint jeans- H&M
White baggy top- Primark
Cotton denim shirt- NEXT
Leather Sandals- SCHUH

Outfit 2-
Yellow Shorts- Boden
White cami - Primark
Cotton pinstripe shirt- Primark
Sandals- Sainsburys

Outfit 3-
Sandals- Sainsburys
Mini Skirt- Boden
Baggy White vest- Primark
Cardigan- GAP

Outfit 4-
Skirt- Dorothy Perkins
White vest top- Primark
Sandals- Accessorise 


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Degusta Box Opening June 2014

I recently received my Degusta Box i had quite a few recommendations for some of my lovely subscribers telling i should try the subscription as its worth the money!

The Degusta Box is much like other subscription boxes you sign up to receive a monthly box.
Degusta send you 9-14 surprise products each month many of them are new to the market so you get a first taste which is always good! These range from sweet/ savoury types food, baking & cooking items.

The box itself is £12.99 for a monthly subscription or if you sing up annually you only pay £11.99 per month. You can receive your First box for £3off using this code- GSKV9

My impression of the Degusta box was ok I'm not sure I'm actually going to choose to have July's box because a lot of my items were slightly alcohol related which is ok but it wasn't what i was looking for in a box, I was actually hoping for more recipe appropriate items.
None the less we have used most of the items above and it was a bargain price of £11.99 as the total of all the items was a lot higher!
I might give August box ago!

Opening the Degusta box with my toddler!


Friday, 4 July 2014

Homemade Ketchup Recipe!

Ive been dying to make home-made Ketchup for the boys, they love the stuff!
I searched high and low for different basic recipes and tweaked them all to hopefully get the perfect sauce!
It surprisingly easy with most ingredients found in the pantry.

The amount I'm going to show you will make one whole bottle 500ml of sauce.
You will need-
2 cans or 12oz of tomato paste
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 tbs white wine vinegar
2/3 cup water
pinch of salt, cayenne, cinnamon & cloves.
and thats it!!
Combine all ingredients with a whisk and decant into your reused bottle like mine below or a sterilised jar.
Keep in the fridge and should last 2/3 weeks!

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