Monday, 14 July 2014

Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly Review

I saw this 'hair lightener' on the TV and couldn't wait to get my hands on it to see how it would take to my hair! Im generally not someone who likes dyeing my hair often and i never really do anything extreme ever! I usually just dye it a chocolate brown all over.

But as the weather is getting warmer i really fancied trying to get more of a naturally highlighted look without having the starking ombre as i don't think id personally like blondness on me.

The Loreal Casting jelly supposedly lightens your hair over time with heat.
Theres no need to wash out just apply with gloves provided and leave to dry either naturally or with a hair dryer. The heat from the hairdryer with help 'activate' the colour though.

Heres my hair before applying the 'jelly'

The consistency of the lightener is just like a conditioner, it doesn't have too much of a smell either which is good!

So heres after.. You can definitely see a lighter difference, but it took a few weeks to get to this I'm not joking! I think the reason is probably because 1- My hair isn't its natural colour and it does say best use on natural hair. and 2- my hair is quite dark!

I think this would work great if you followed the rules on the tube!
But I'm glad I've given it ago and i really like the look of it! Ive had a few compliments to!

Just for reference i used the Dark blonde to light brown which is the 'darkest' they have, you can buy it from most drug stores & supermarkets for no more then £5-£6.


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