Friday, 29 August 2014

Healthy Gluten free courgette muffins

My friend gave me 3 home grown courgette's and i wasn't sure what to do with them, then i remembered i posted a video back in 2012 on a courgette muffin recipe, i wanted recreate the same thing but make it a lot more basic but healthy!

Heres what i come up with and they turned out great!

Grate 1 large/ 1 cup courgette.

( for an alternative add in caster sugar )

Crack in 2 medium eggs

Add in 1/4 cup coconut oil ( sunflower is another alternative)

Get your little helper to mix!

Add in 1 cup flour ( i used gluten free).

Lastly add 2 tsp Baking powder. 

I topped them with a drizzle of honey & flaked almonds.
fill you silicon cases and pop them in a preheated 180c oven for 20mins.

Pop them in an airtight container into the fridge. 

Heres the video i mentioned above :)


Monday, 25 August 2014

Bournemouth Blogger Meet up!

I went to my second ever blogger meet up in Bournemouth on the weekend. We met at Orange rooms which was my first time there!
I met some really lovely other bloggers we had a good chat about our blogs and i also came home with so extra information about how to improve it.

Heres what i wore although the weather looked a bit gloomy by the end of the day it was boiling!
Top- GAP
Skirt- Dorothy Perkins
Pumps- H&M
Necklace- John lewis 

Nail polish- Nails Inc -St James

I had a really lovely lunch it was really reasonable in price and huge!
Chicken & bacon bbq wrap with sweet potato fries.


Graze Box Granola Giveaway!

I absolutely love graze box, i have been buying the snacks, porridges & granolas over the last few years theres so much variety to choose from and best of all the price is great and you can have it delivered straight to your home or even work!

I thought id put together a Graze Box granola variety box for 1 lucky person to win!
It comes with every single granola with some added extras!

To win all your need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below, the giveaway closes is 1 week Good luck!
UK & Ireland shipping only due to it being a food product.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Giving up Dairy?

Ive just recently posted a video on why I'm giving up dairy i thought id share more in detail about why and how about I'm going to do it!

I have to be honest i haven't drunk milk in years just something I've never really been fond of and prefer to use other alternatives, I've been using Almond or coconut milk as my 'dairy' or shall i say non dairy replacement and have found it lovely.

Ive been wanting to 'drop' dairy for absolutely ages but i can't help but eat yogurt & cheese totally my downfalls! Although i don't necessarily eat a lot of dairy i can tell it really bothers my body when i do consume it.

Ive suffered with awful migraines since the age of around 7years the time actually when i was diagnosed with a stigmatism in my left eye, which meant I've also been wearing glasses, well now contact lenses mainly for the last 20years god that sounds such a crazy amount of time!!!

When i finally got the courage to go see my Dr back in July, i had been there before back when i was breastfeeding and he was really no help at all! Anyway the Dr i saw told me to write a food dairy and to see whether i could see any type of food/ product that my influence a migraine or even slight headache coming on. So i did and have been doing so for the last few weeks i only started when i got back from holiday as holiday food i BAD!!!

So from writing my food dairy i have definitely come to a conclusion that 1- i definitely have hormonal headaches and i already knew that to be honest! 2- I have hunger headaches which can progress to migraines if I'm not careful and 3- dairy has definitely been an issue whether its in cheese, yogurt or chocolate that basically the main items of food i eat that contain dairy.

A lovely subscriber mentioned Lactose which could also be another trigger which would be a massive lifestyle change if that were the case..
Im definitely going to continue cutting back and hopefully at some point this year be completely dairy free, although its still going to be difficult as most products these days contain dairy even foods that you wouldn't think so probably a lot of label checking if i want to be really strict about it!

Since cutting back on dairy I've notice some really good changes just in such a short amount of time also, my migraines have definitely been very irregular which is brilliant! i used to have at least 1 sometimes 2 a week i haven't had one for 2 weeks now which feels like a miracle as they really do control my life sometimes.

Also my skin is looking amazing, i can't even believe I'm saying amazing as it truly never does! not even on my wedding day did i feel my skin looked amazing sadly...
anyway its looking great which means I'm feeling so good at the moment!

Im going to leave some links below about why acne suffers or even migraine sufferers should definitely try cutting back or dropping dairy from your diet it really could be life changing!

Why ditching dairy will help your skin-

Natural approach to beating migraines-

Heres my recent video about giving up dairy-


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Vegan Kind 10TVK | August 2014

Received my 10th Vegan Kind Box so thought id share what i have got this month!

As usual you get a vegan recipe to go into your Vegan kind binder & a featured charity The Nut House Hen Rescue.

First item Freedom Mallows I've had these before but not the strawberry flavour they look so 

Nothing But.- Mange Tout & red pepper snack have yet to try these but they do look good & healthy!

Propercorn love this stuff & so do the kids-

Pulsin Vanilla choc chip snack bar great for on the go really healthy tasty treat!

Livenaturally soap nut powder capsules, i use soap nuts all the time but I'm so pleased to get try the powder capsule form!

Lastly Teen Vegan Bracelet, its a social network for young vegetarians & vegans-


Sunday, 17 August 2014

All about Tupperware!

I definitely can not get enough of Tupperware! 
I actually find it rather difficult not to buy any new pieces every time i go to the supermarket, i just avoid those isles!!

Ive had a huge clear out recently a ditched my old tupperware, ones that were leaking, stained  or just weren't doing there correct job. 
As you can probably tell my absolute favourite and most reliable has to be by Sistema. 
Sistema have a huge choice of sizes / colours and boxes with different compartments as well as 'special' type containers for yogurts, dips, salads the list goes on!
I also have other items from Sistema that i love including water bottles, ice packs and travel cutlery.

So what does Sistema have that i love so much?

+ Choice of colour & design to suit every need!
+ Great seals for no leaking & keeping food fresh
+ BPA free
+ Dishwasher safe & Freezable
+ Price- not overly expensive and i always find deals in supermarkets. 
+ You also pay for what you get- Great quality and a lot of my boxes etc are years old and still going strong.

You pick up most of the range from local shops/ supermarkets & online.

New tupperware added to my collection recently, glass containers with plastic snap on lids. 
I brought these randomly from TKMaxx for £4.99 each. There were different sizes available also.

I store them in these IKEA draw boxes, keeps them neat & tidy and easily assessable from my cupboard, instead of grabbing one box and having loads more tumbling out of the cupboard! Thats happened to me many of times!

Heres how my cupboard looks!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Current Wish List | August 2014

Everyone must have a wish list? Theres always something out there we'd love but we either have to save or wait for that right moment to purchase!

I have a few things I'm eyeing up ring now so thought i share!

As always I'm tempted by Joules there are quite a few items i love at the moment in the new collection but here are may favourites

This Gorgeous blouse nautical of course i love a good smart/ casual blouse that i can dress up and down such a staple.|ETCHBRD

Im after another pair of wellibobs mine are pretty worn out and these are gorgeous two of my favourites colours combined navy/ yellow!|NAVSTRP

Ok im loving the Maybelline super stay nail polishes at the moment they really last for days on me!
This colour in orange Puch has really taken my fancy.

Once again Boden have some beautiful clothing in the new AW collection for the whole family.
Im in love the print on the Coat its fleece lined and waterproof so great for winter!
This scoop neck tunic looks like such a comfortable staple for winter & spring i also love the bird design.

Of course how could i not mention the new Body shop line Wild Moroccan Argan Oil!
Im a huge fan of The Body Shop and can not wait to get my hands on most of the line ill show you my 3 favourites!

The body butter is top on my list as I've nearly run out of my Blueberry one, I really want to try the Argan lip balm & the Argaon shower gel as you can never have too many of those!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Outfits over the last few weeks! JULY/AUG 2014

Outfit 1- 
Joules top ( recent)
GAP skirt ( recent in sale)
Ralph Lauren flip flops

Outfit 2- 
Primark tank top
H&M  skirt old
H&M ballet pumps old

Outfit 3-
Gap skirt ( recent in sale)
Tommy Hillfiger Denim shorts (recent)
Vans pumps old

Outfit 4-
Vest top- Primark
Shirt- GAP
Shorts- Tommy Hillfiger

Outfit 5-

Navy vest top- primark
Joules shorts
Pumps- primark


Sunday, 10 August 2014

DreamDots for Spots Giveaway!

Last week i posted a review of the DreamDots i have been using for the last couple of months here definitely go check that out if you want to know more about these amazing dots!

DreamDots HQ have given me the opportunity to host a giveaway for my readers so i have 3 boxes of DreamDots to giveaway, yes 3 so theres 3 chances to win!

So for a chance to win a box of DreamDots just enter below via the Rafflecopter & good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Recent Breakfasts JULY/AUG2014

Thought id share some of my recent breakfasts.

Graze box granola oaty berry crumble with added fresh raspberries & strawberries in almond milk.

Graze Box granola Mango lassi with cut up nectarine & a caramel latte.

Blueberry/ spinach / frozen banana, flaxseed & coconut water smoothie.

Toasted oats strawberry & banana granola with added strawberries in almond milk. Decaf coffee with Almond milk.

3 scrambled eggs & spinach, pear & decaf coffee with almond milk.

Porridge with Almond milk, cinnamon, honey & raspberries with a glass of orange juice.

2 scrambled eggs i microwaved in cup! Watermelon slices & a glass of orange juice.

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