Sunday, 17 August 2014

All about Tupperware!

I definitely can not get enough of Tupperware! 
I actually find it rather difficult not to buy any new pieces every time i go to the supermarket, i just avoid those isles!!

Ive had a huge clear out recently a ditched my old tupperware, ones that were leaking, stained  or just weren't doing there correct job. 
As you can probably tell my absolute favourite and most reliable has to be by Sistema. 
Sistema have a huge choice of sizes / colours and boxes with different compartments as well as 'special' type containers for yogurts, dips, salads the list goes on!
I also have other items from Sistema that i love including water bottles, ice packs and travel cutlery.

So what does Sistema have that i love so much?

+ Choice of colour & design to suit every need!
+ Great seals for no leaking & keeping food fresh
+ BPA free
+ Dishwasher safe & Freezable
+ Price- not overly expensive and i always find deals in supermarkets. 
+ You also pay for what you get- Great quality and a lot of my boxes etc are years old and still going strong.

You pick up most of the range from local shops/ supermarkets & online.

New tupperware added to my collection recently, glass containers with plastic snap on lids. 
I brought these randomly from TKMaxx for £4.99 each. There were different sizes available also.

I store them in these IKEA draw boxes, keeps them neat & tidy and easily assessable from my cupboard, instead of grabbing one box and having loads more tumbling out of the cupboard! Thats happened to me many of times!

Heres how my cupboard looks!



  1. Ooh that's a good idea about storing the tupperware in the Ikea draw boxes. I'm going to do that lol because I dread going in my storage tub cupboard. It's a cupboard above head height and I literally pull one out and then get other random boxes just throwing themselves at me and hitting me on the head. Love your storage and organisation ideas x x

    1. yeah those draw boxes are great! come in so many sizes to! thanks glad it was helpful :)

  2. Hiya, where did you get the really small round containers for sauces? Xx

    1. i got them from sainsburys , I've definitely seen them in waitrose and I'm sure you can prob get them from ebay or amazon :)

  3. Im a fan of lock and lock, although I must admit the bright colours of your boxes are making me drool, :-), a new subscriber to your channel so of course i had to hunt out your blog, you have a lovely family, your meal prep sundays have certainly got me organised. Amy x

    1. ah thanks so much for the sub and following my blog means a lot! yeah I'm totally sucked in buy the colours & sizes but they truely do a good job to which is a huge bonus! i need to get back on my food prep again I'm slacking since the summer holidays have begun!


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