Saturday, 23 August 2014

Giving up Dairy?

Ive just recently posted a video on why I'm giving up dairy i thought id share more in detail about why and how about I'm going to do it!

I have to be honest i haven't drunk milk in years just something I've never really been fond of and prefer to use other alternatives, I've been using Almond or coconut milk as my 'dairy' or shall i say non dairy replacement and have found it lovely.

Ive been wanting to 'drop' dairy for absolutely ages but i can't help but eat yogurt & cheese totally my downfalls! Although i don't necessarily eat a lot of dairy i can tell it really bothers my body when i do consume it.

Ive suffered with awful migraines since the age of around 7years the time actually when i was diagnosed with a stigmatism in my left eye, which meant I've also been wearing glasses, well now contact lenses mainly for the last 20years god that sounds such a crazy amount of time!!!

When i finally got the courage to go see my Dr back in July, i had been there before back when i was breastfeeding and he was really no help at all! Anyway the Dr i saw told me to write a food dairy and to see whether i could see any type of food/ product that my influence a migraine or even slight headache coming on. So i did and have been doing so for the last few weeks i only started when i got back from holiday as holiday food i BAD!!!

So from writing my food dairy i have definitely come to a conclusion that 1- i definitely have hormonal headaches and i already knew that to be honest! 2- I have hunger headaches which can progress to migraines if I'm not careful and 3- dairy has definitely been an issue whether its in cheese, yogurt or chocolate that basically the main items of food i eat that contain dairy.

A lovely subscriber mentioned Lactose which could also be another trigger which would be a massive lifestyle change if that were the case..
Im definitely going to continue cutting back and hopefully at some point this year be completely dairy free, although its still going to be difficult as most products these days contain dairy even foods that you wouldn't think so probably a lot of label checking if i want to be really strict about it!

Since cutting back on dairy I've notice some really good changes just in such a short amount of time also, my migraines have definitely been very irregular which is brilliant! i used to have at least 1 sometimes 2 a week i haven't had one for 2 weeks now which feels like a miracle as they really do control my life sometimes.

Also my skin is looking amazing, i can't even believe I'm saying amazing as it truly never does! not even on my wedding day did i feel my skin looked amazing sadly...
anyway its looking great which means I'm feeling so good at the moment!

Im going to leave some links below about why acne suffers or even migraine sufferers should definitely try cutting back or dropping dairy from your diet it really could be life changing!

Why ditching dairy will help your skin-

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Heres my recent video about giving up dairy-


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