Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Getting your life organised & on track!

I posted a video a good year ago maybe more actually about how i keep my life under wraps and organised!

So i thought i do a little updated blog post on what I'm doing if any changes to help family life run smoothly in our house..

Im all about going back to basics.. hand me a writing pad and pen oh and sticky notes and I'm good to go! I have many different books for different things!

Starting with my general diary.. I request one from Graham every year and it either lives in my hand bag or the desk.
It gets constant use for reminders for different things such as birthdays, play dates, deliveries, outings, after school clubs and so on! If i lost it i would be lost! as my memory is not what it used to be..  'mummy brain' !!

As you maybe aware i spend a lot of my time on YouTube, so to keep me nice an organised i have a jotter book which is left on my desk for inspiration anything that comes in my head i can write it down or video requests.

On to the food side of things to keep me on track with meal planning , grocery shops and switching up our meals on a regular basis. 

I have binders/ folders of cut out recipes I've found in magazines , got from the shop or jotted down on a scruffy bit of paper! They are all kept in there 'specific' folder so i can flick through if I'm in need of new ideas.

I always always write my meal plan down in a book to keep so again i can flick back for recent ideas etc! Im a little obsessed with sticky notes, i tend to write my grocery lists on them then stick them to my purse so i won't forgot it!

Lastly i have my chalk board above brought from Sainsburys a few years back, this sits in my kitchen and is a reminder of our meal plan for the week so i know what to get out of the freezer etc!

I hope this has been helpful in some way to get your life a little more organised!
 Ill leave the video from last year if you want to see some more organisational tips!


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