Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sunday night pampering essentials | Sept 2014

I love nothing more than to have a pampering evening once a week, its not necessarily likely to happen every week as theres always hiccups that occur which make it impossible!

Its always good though to have a wind down day/ evening when you can though, to really relax and just think..

I thought id share my most recent essentials which help me chill after a long and busy week!

 Most baths i use this luxury Honey Mania bath melt from The body Shop. It smells good enough to eat, its lovely and bubbly and makes my skin feel super subtle and smooth.

Graham always lights me a candle and sets up the iPad for me so i can catch up on a program in peace!

My current favourite cleanser is still Vichy Normaderm its great for oily/ combo skin! 

Ive been using this Exfoliant by MONU. Its an amazing very fine exfoliant i only use it once a week because its rather harsh but effective! -

I like to switch up my shampoo & conditioner every month or so I'm currently using The Body Shop Rainforest Balance S&C these are great for oily hair-
I'm using my Limited Edition Blueberry scented shower Gel and by The Body Shop smells divine! Like i said LE which means no longer available sadly i wish id stocked up!

 For my face i pulled out my trusty Seaweed Ionic clay mask by TBS! I've had this a very long time! Its a great mask for those days when your skin is looking awful and you have a few nasty breakouts, you can really feel it tingling!

Lastly i always use a body butter or moisturiser all over my body currently using up The Body Shops LE Blueberry Body Butter! I have to say I've tried most of the scents and there all divine great for all skin types!

I also pop on a lip balm as my lips get so dry and dehydrated after a bath!

Just before bed i pop on the Vichy Night Detox I've been using this for months, its for oily skin helps control sebum overnight while you sleep!

 How do you like to relax? And what are your favourite pamper products?


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