Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Vegan Kind | Sept TVK11

Received my 11th Vegan Kind box this week so thought id share what i got!

I got the list of whats inside my box with also a scrummy vegan fajita recipe!

First up we have HOOTS snacks pickled onion flavour RRP 60p 38g, have yet to try them they do look yummy though.

BEAR paws Violet devoured these! we've all tried the other flavours but not this one yet, great healthy dried fruit snack. RRP 60p 20g

Skin Likes- Natural deodorant RRP 4.95 . Cant wait to give this ago its a mix of plant based essential oils.

Nothing but- RRP 1.20 This is the strawberry & banana flavour freeze dried snack, I wasn't that keen on the savoury version in last months box hopefully these will be tastier!

Taste Spice Magic BBQ Dust RRP 2.95 40g, Can be used for marinating or sprinkling on food as an extra flavour!

OMBAR Organic coco Mylk bar RRP 1.99 35g. Dairy free raw organic coco bar.

Lastly Creative Nature Blissful Berry Dried fruit bar RRP 1.  These are delicious for on the go no added sugars pure dried fruit.

Want to sign up to next months Vegan Kind Box click here-


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