Saturday, 15 November 2014

What are my future plans?

It suddenly dawned on me when Violet hit 3 that its only a couple of years till she heads to school which is a rather scary feeling seeing as my role of stay at home mum will only continue during after school , weekends and half terms... i can't help but think where and what am i going to do with myself?

I really feel the need and urge to maybe go on into further adult education and maybe even get myself a decent well paid job.. but then in another mind is that what i want?... i could just happily plod along doing bits and bobs around the farm after all i am a farmers wife! but is that enough or me?

Ive been thinking so much you could say slowly getting ants in my pants as so to speak being at home.. i feel like my mind has sort of frazzled over the years, I'm not as quick in my mind as i used to be and i actually really dislike it!

Don't get me wrong I've loved and still love being at home with my two but sadly it is definitely coming to an end and i suppose although Violet still has just under 2 years till she starts school i want to be prepared and not be stressed last minute at what i could do with my life if that makes sense?

The thought of dropping Alister & Violet off to school mon-fri and coming home to an empty home kind of feels me with sadness and slight fear of being alone.

I definitely miss the adult socialisation thats probably one big reason for me maybe deciding going back to work. Also the sense of pride in bringing in a wage is something i really crave..

Who knows what the future will hold for me.. but bring it on!

To be Continued...

How do you all feel about your children growing up? Is it back to work for you? more children or a new career adventure? id love to know!


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