Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year... New Me?!

Unlikely! But there are a few things i need to change and I'm going to share all with you!

Stress less! Although I'm not a stressy person from day to day, i am definitely someone who can endure stress and let it linger on me for days.. It will literally keep me up at night because it will be on my mind constantly! Thats one thing i need to try and tackle maybe just relax more and take a break as i can find that hard somedays!

Get more Organised! I am naturally quite an organised and tidy person but i could always do better! Keeping on top of my diary and sorting out certain parts of the house is definitely on my to do list constantly! I hate forgetting things so keeping on top of a family planner i think will also help with this hopefully.

Getting back into shape- Ok I don't need to lose weight but i could definitely tone up around my legs and tummy area. I suppose those are the stubborn spots on most people. Back in 2013 i was at my peak of being fit & healthy and since than it feels like I've slightly lost it sadly.. I have just signed up to my local gym today which I'm rather excited about its been playing on my mind for months!
Not everyone enjoys the gym but i absolutely love it! I think it motivates me to get fitter and progress to the best i can be. I also love that its 'me time' to i suppose!
Ive also got graham to pump up my tires on my bike to get me outside enjoying this beautiful weather!

Clean & healthy eating- Ive been stuffing my face through the holidays just like anyone else to be perfectly honest! Purging the chocolate stash has been hard but thank god its all gone!
As from Jan 1st I've been so good at getting back on track with eating more 'cleaner' focusing on fruit and veggies, whole grains and home-made cooking! Pinterest has definitely been very helpful with finding new lunch and dinner ideas! don't forget to follow me > the witt family

Ive got a 'series' of videos coming up hopefully in the next couple of weeks sharing with you any tips i have on keeping in shape, my eating habits and more!

Please feel free to comment below on any added 'healthy lifestyle' videos you'd like to see!
I am very excited to see what this year will bring for me and my family, we already have quite a few plans in place which I'm excited about!

Happy New Year Everyone xxx


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