Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation..

As a mum of two healthy children i feel very lucky and privileged to bring them up in a clean and healthy environment, from clean clothes, clean water, food and warmth.

As you may or may not be aware that Dettol has come together with Rachel Stevens and set up the 'baby blanket donation' website to help those children in need of all those important things mentioned above that they just don't have.

Dettol & Rachel are encouraging mums to 'keep the memories, not the Bacteria' by donating a blanket via free post and sharing their own special recollections via social media.

Dettol Anti-bacteria laundry cleanser have pledged to donate £1 for every blanket collected to children's medical research charity, Sparks to raise much needed funds for UK families with children who are effected by series illness or disability.

Every minute of every day, approximately 50 babies are born into poverty and will experience conditions lacking basic essentials including hygienically clean blankets.  Poor hygiene conditions can contribute to illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration.

Laboratory tests commissioned by Dettol - on washed blankets donated by volunteer mums - show that baby ‘blankies’ carry a variety of bacteria even after a 40°C wash with a third of the washed blankets harbouring coliforms – a group of bacteria linked to faeces. Dettol is hoping to raise awareness of this research as well as donate much needed funds to support children’s health.
Rachel commented: “The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation really resonated with me as a mum. I remember bringing my girls home for the first time in theirs and what a special time that was.  Many babies across the world will never get the chance to experience the comfort of a warm, clean blanket.  That’s the reason why I’m supporting the campaign, asking mums to donate blankets to those in need so that those babies don’t miss out.”
Zillah Bingley, Chief Executive at Sparks, said: “We’re delighted to be part of this exciting campaign. By working together with Dettol we can make sure more children are born healthy and stay healthy. One in 30 babies in the UK is born with a condition which may affect them for life. Yet, each year less than £10 per child is spent on research into children’s health. Sparks funds pioneering research to change this. Our medical breakthroughs improve the health of thousands of children but this is only possible thanks to the generous support of individuals and families across the UK.”
Blanket donations will be collected until the end of December.  Memories can be shared with @DettolBlanket #sharethememories or on Dettol’s Mission for Health Facebook page. 
So what are you waiting for dig out those unwanted blankets and send them to this amazing cause here- For full details on how to donate please visit Dettol Donate


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