Monday, 30 March 2015

Rebel Kitchen Coconut Milk Drinks | Review

Recently received some scrummy looking drinks from Rebel Kitchen.

These 'milkshakes' are Dairy free made from coconut milk and all contain delicious natural ingredients i.e: water, coconut milk, Date Nectar & cacao with added natural flavourings for example Banana Mylk contains crushed banana. 

I have to say i really enjoyed these, very flavoursome, each carton felt like i was drinking a treat but knowing all the ingredients are good natural ones made it more satisfying i think! 

I absolutely loved the Matcha Green tea & the Chai definitely my favourites and i was very sceptical trying those wondering what they'd actually be like. But generally all flavours are delicious couldn't fault one!

As you can see from the picture they come in two sizes 330ml & 200ml which is perfect size for a child. My two loved drinking these as a little after school treat or in their packed lunch at school would definitely recommend them.

I love the packaging on the Rebel kitchen cartons very appealing and definitely kid friendly. the screw tops are great to for on the go with no spillage!

The only thing i would say is that like it says on the packaging you really have to give them a good shake just incase for lumps!

You can pick up Rebel kitchen from many Stockists and even in stores and around the world to!


Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Gym 3 Months In...

Thought id do a little update on how I'm getting on at the gym.. I actually cant believe its been 3 months now! Ive only missed 2 weeks in total which is a massive achievement for me at keeping it regular.

I have been sticking to my routine of Monday,Wednesday & Friday basically the mornings i can go when Violet is at nursery. I can honestly say I've really enjoyed adding it into my routine and i haven't found it too hard, i definitely get those days when I'm more tired than others but once I'm there i crack on with what i do and get it done!

My main reason i joined the gym was to just get back into keeping fit as i used to be quite active with at home DVD's and i just kind of lost motivation, also to help tone up my wobbly bits and to generally have that 'me' time, i love just popping in my headphones and having a good think when i work out.

So have i noticed any difference in the last few months?

Ive definitely noticed my energy levels from day to day are pretty good, i definitely feel more perkier in the mornings! My legs are definitely more defined and toned and my tummy is gradually getting tighter! Ive also noticed my stamina is getting better and better which is amazing for me as i hate running!!  and i feel like I'm getting stronger because i can do more reps with weights etc.

I wish i did a before and after picture to see the actual results or measurements although to be perfectly honest I'm pretty relaxed about that sort of thing, i don't actually weigh myself so i wouldn't know if id lost weight or gained muscle!

So all and all lots of positives from going to the gym as well as general confidence and changes in my skin yay!

If you want to know what i specifically do at the gym i did do a video last month and ill link it below. It hasn't really changed at all just maybe the resistant on the machines.

So heres to another 3 months!

Hows everyone else getting on are you sticking to your new year Goals so far?!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bluestone Wales Holiday Review

Last Monday we set of for a family Holiday to Bluestone National Park Resort for a review.
It took us over 4 hours to arrive and we could check in at 4.30pm so it was a very long journey but quite enjoyable especially since Wales is so beautiful.

We arrived a our self catering lodge we were in the Gateholm 3 bed upside down lodge, which meant the bedrooms were situated downstairs and the living area upstairs! I really love the idea of it especially since you tend to spend more time in the 'living' spaces so you could just stare out of the windows at the amazing forest views!

In the lodge there were 3 bedrooms, 1 double with family bathroom en-suite, and two twin rooms, and a separate bathroom with double shower so lots of space!

The Living area was opened planned with lovely big windows, lots of light, electric heaters which worked a treat when it got a bit chilly in the evenings. The whole place felt really homely, very family orientated fully equipped with stair-gates, highchairs & travel cot.
The kitchen was very modern and spacious again fully equipped with everything you would really have in your own home, kettle, toaster & microwave.

There is free wifi in each accommodation, free view TV and DVD player.

Bluestone have a lovely little village with a beautiful wooden play area for the children.
Souvenir shops and a little supermarket type shop to buy those essentials if needed.
There were 3 restaurants in the village, OAK tree which was slightly more fine dining in my opinion.
Farm House Grill again more for evening meals and serve a sunday roast. 
The Knights Tafarn great pub food open all day and very reasonable in price.
We had lunch at Millers bakery which served yummy homemade Welsh cakes and sausage rolls oh and of course couldn't forget an ice-cream!

Bluestone have a Well Spa which sadly i didn't get a chance to use. 
They have a range a special 2 hour spa slots, as well as lots of treatments to choose from if you can get way from the kiddies for a couple of hours!

Bluestone have an Activity Centre they offer a very good amount of different activities for babies and upwards from messy & sensory play to kayaking and raft building!
Theres a huge amount of things to do to keep all the family busy and active indoor and outdoor fun.

We were very impressed by the large wooden indoor climbing frame, Mini golf, soft play and bouncy castle the kids had hours of fun!

We also went swimming at the Blue Lagoon Waterpark just a short stroll up the hill, the pool comes equipped with lots of flumes a couple of fun separate smaller pools with slides for the younger children. Wild waves and they also have The Fish Shack where you can pick up some refreshments of hot and cold food after your swim.

Some added perks of Bluestone is that you can Bikes, Trailers & Buggys. They also have a good choice of evening entertainment to get all the family out including shows and Adult evenings to! And if your stuck for a baby sitter they also have qualified sitters what more could you want!

I can't actually believe how quick this holiday went we thoroughly enjoyed every minute, it was peaceful, angelic the idea family holiday for us to be perfectly honest! Would highly recommend it and would definitely book to go back.

Disclaimer- We were invited to stay at bluestone in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Packing Cubes | Organising your suitcase when travelling.

We headed to Bluestone Wales this week and i previously brought some 'packing cubes' since having a lot of recommendations from other mummies.

I actually cheaply brought these Packing Cubes from China through Ebay since i don't travel that often and I wasn't sure they were 100% going to work for me.
Although very cheap they definitely do the job! 

So why use packing cubes you ask.. what is the point?! Well if your someone like me who generally likes to be organised, with packing outfits for the family, and generally have a few different bags for things like toiletries or shoes than these are great! They come in a few different sizes and some have double compartments. I used the pink ones for Violets clothing, i pieced together outfits including underwear and placed them all in one packing cube, it keeps the neatly arrange without being thrown around the suitcase.

As you can see not only does it keep the together and tidy the bags are so thin they hardly take up much room compared to layering items up in a general suitcase.

I used one of the smaller cubes for PJ's, extra underwear, swimsuit and a spare outfit.

So here are the cubes all in the suitcase, mine are the grey cubes, once placed correctly in the suitcase, i moved them each around a bit to see which cube fits best, i could also add a few extra items in the sides.

I just love how neat and tidy it looks. I also found it really simple knowing where everything was to and not having to rummage around in a pile of clothes looking for one item!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring cleaning the wardrobe!

Yes you've heard it I'm spring cleaning the kids wardrobes!

Getting their clothes ready for the Spring/ summer to arrive lets hope it comes sooner rather than later!

I wanted to share some tips on getting the most out of your children's wardrobes each season and even making some money back!

As your all aware i am a big shopper! I do love to find bargains and put things aside for the following seasons, not only does it save money in the long run but it also takes the stress out of shopping for your child because it literally feels like christmas once you dig out those treasures you have brought previously!

So for my top tips for getting the most out of your kids wardrobe!

1- Rotate their clothes! go through them every couple of weeks/ months depending on when you feel like it and pull out bits that have either been well worn or not used enough. I usually pop the well worn or stained clothes in the 'nursery or play' clothes draw, because at least they are still getting used  and getting the most out of them! For the clothes that aren't worn enough simple really put to the top of the piles/ front of the wardrobe and start wearing them! because we all know kids grow too fast!

2- When switching seasons pack things in boxes or in VAC PAC pouches, not only to protect them but to hopefully when either that season or a similar season comes round your can pull out the used clothes and hopefully if they still fit use them or sell them!

3- So yes as i said above sell those clothes that don't fit anymore! especially if your buying good brands and they are still in mint condition! Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook sites are great for selling used clothing! Oh and when march comes round head on out to your local Carboot sale!

4- Leave your tags on! I know I've been there brought new clothes and can't wait to get them on the kids so you rip off all the tags, well don't! If that clothing item doesn't get worn and that does happen from time to time! The re-sale value will be so much more if classed as 'new with tags' .

5- Lastly getting your monies worth from their clothing, i mean that by using each piece to the best of its ability! Violet has summer skirts that i pair with tights, sleeveless dresses that i put long sleeve tops under and cardigans over. Alister has polos that i put jumpers over the top. Basically using a clothing piece for all seasons!

I hope this post has been helpful & happy cleaning!!


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Amber Teething Necklaces | Are they worth the hype?

I thought id answer all those questions i get about the necklace a round Violets neck!

Its an Baltic Amber necklace which is supposed to help with teething... How you say? 

Well Baltic Amber the main necklace made for teething contains succinic Acid which is a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and a central nervous system calmer! 
It is so effective on babies and small children because it simultaneously eases their pain while also having a strong soothing effect on their nervous system – all with zero side effects!

The beads are meant to be worn against babies skin not chewed and at a short length so the baby can not grab the necklace.

Most often the necklaces are meant to break if pulled too tight, to prevent choking, but beads are individually knotted so they don’t all fall from the necklace. While it’s recommended that children don’t wear them at night, ( my two have always worn theirs with no problem)  a necklace can be wrapped around an ankle and covered with a sock to keep it warmed against baby’s skin, and still effective while they sleep.

So there you go! So my verdict to whether they truly work...

honestly can say they've worked an absolute treat on both my children, I've used the same necklaces on Alister and then on Violet both from 6 months and have never had a problem with a teething baby! 
It could honestly be a coincidence or the Baltic Amber really does work who knows!

I can't recommend them enough though!

Also just to make sure your actually buying Genuine Baltic Amber and not just 'look a like amber' because many are cheaply sold on ebay, try and find a recommend seller with online reviews.

Ive always used Inspired by Finn the Amber is pure and you can really tell by the quality our 2 necklaces are still going strong after nearly 6 years of use and Violet still now has never taken hers off at nearly 3.5 years old!


Monday, 9 March 2015

Life as a Farmers Wife- My Story

Ive been meaning to write this post for ages, but honestly just haven't had the time! 
Now I'm finally getting round to telling you my experience on being a 'farmers wife'.

So firstly so many people ask me did i ever think id would be a 'farmers wife'! i honestly get that question a lot! and no i never thought in a million years id live on a farm it honestly just never crossed my mind! 

Growing up i lived in a town i suppose you could call it a small city but definitely not anything rural, nothing like where i am today thats for sure!
So as you may or may not be aware i met Graham through when i was 19, we chatted and hit it off after a few dates. 

He worked a lot but still had plenty of time to see me so i actually never thought the 'farming' life was all that bad as i never felt 'deprived' of seeing him as i worked full time to and we just worked around each others schedule i suppose.

After a year and a half yes that little time i feel pregnant! Alister was totally planned though and id spend a lot of time with Graham most evenings and would commute to work. 

I eventually moved in as it just made sense really!

So life after maternity leave... at home alone.. Graham obviously being the farmer working 7 days a week, hours depending on work etc but usually a full day everyday. 
Luckily enough although he works long hours he's technically working on our doorstep so he always came home for breakfast and lunch which has always been amazing just to fit in that hour or so together.

Once Alister was born I'm not going to lie i found it tough... i had the 'baby blues' BAD! i cried a lot and so did Alister! He just was never a settled baby so i suppose it felt just really overwhelming coming into motherhood kind of alone slightly.

Graham has never had any 'leave' as such like most dads have if in a normal job, he had a few hours off when i had Alister and went back to work when visiting hours were stopped.
And with both children he went back to work like normal the next day! obviously he's keen to pop in and spend time with us and when i need it like taking a shower! i found that such a struggle with Alister or even if i had such a bad night he would come in for an hour or so just so i could have a nap! 

Graham is his own boss but that doesn't mean he can take time off willy nilly! farm life is non stop literally! If the work doesn't get done, bills won't get paid!

I suppose the main point I'm trying to make about being the 'farmers wife' is that i actually don't know any different! Yes I'm with the kids everyday on my own a lot and as you can probably tell i take them everywhere with me! Im so used to doing a lot on my own with them its no different so i just get on with it! 

There are definitely days when i get a little down and a little bit lonely to be honest because i just would love Graham to be home more but reality is, its not going to happen.. We plan trips out and away just to make sure we get family time and couple time as you are probably aware from videos and blog posts.

Ive now learnt to live like this and i wouldn't change it for the world, i love my farming life if you want to call it that! i have highs and lows like anyone, but i can just give Graham a phone call if I'm feeling down find out where he is and go see him... so he isn't that far away after all really. 

I think I'm so used to Graham being out a lot i think id actually find if very strange if he was home more were just so used to our own routines and schedule's i run the house and kids and he works and pays the bills thats it really! You could say quite a traditional old school home.
We obviously both like it this way as it works well for both us and the kids, maybe i was just born to be a 'farmers wife' ha!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and it my have given you a small insight to a bit more of my 
life being mum & farmers wife.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Food Diary ( Recent Eats ) February 2015

I love nothing more than drooling over posts of other peoples food and also getting some ideas for new things to try and add to my healthy eating! 
So i thought id share a few meals that I've had recently! These are mainly breakfast with a couple of lunches!

Chipolata sausages, boiled egg, avocado & Almonds!

pumpkin seed Rivita, boiled egg, grapes, cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic & a green and lemon tea!

Strawberry udis (gluten free) pop tart type thing! granola, natural yogurt & fresh raspberries/ strawberries.

Plain porridge with Almond milk, frozen berries (defrosted) and flaked almonds.

Plain porridge with almond milk, drizzle of honey, blueberries & dash cinnamon, caramel latte!

1 slice wholemeal toast, pouched egg & half avocado with a tea.

Granola, frozen berries & half of the Arla protein raspberry yogurt.

1 slice wholemeal toast, almond butter & half banana, half tub of the Arla protein yogurt.

Grahams homemade scotch egg, whole avocado, olives & white flesh nectarine.

Hope you enjoy this yummy looking post!

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