Thursday, 12 March 2015

Amber Teething Necklaces | Are they worth the hype?

I thought id answer all those questions i get about the necklace a round Violets neck!

Its an Baltic Amber necklace which is supposed to help with teething... How you say? 

Well Baltic Amber the main necklace made for teething contains succinic Acid which is a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and a central nervous system calmer! 
It is so effective on babies and small children because it simultaneously eases their pain while also having a strong soothing effect on their nervous system – all with zero side effects!

The beads are meant to be worn against babies skin not chewed and at a short length so the baby can not grab the necklace.

Most often the necklaces are meant to break if pulled too tight, to prevent choking, but beads are individually knotted so they don’t all fall from the necklace. While it’s recommended that children don’t wear them at night, ( my two have always worn theirs with no problem)  a necklace can be wrapped around an ankle and covered with a sock to keep it warmed against baby’s skin, and still effective while they sleep.

So there you go! So my verdict to whether they truly work...

honestly can say they've worked an absolute treat on both my children, I've used the same necklaces on Alister and then on Violet both from 6 months and have never had a problem with a teething baby! 
It could honestly be a coincidence or the Baltic Amber really does work who knows!

I can't recommend them enough though!

Also just to make sure your actually buying Genuine Baltic Amber and not just 'look a like amber' because many are cheaply sold on ebay, try and find a recommend seller with online reviews.

Ive always used Inspired by Finn the Amber is pure and you can really tell by the quality our 2 necklaces are still going strong after nearly 6 years of use and Violet still now has never taken hers off at nearly 3.5 years old!


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