Monday, 9 March 2015

Life as a Farmers Wife- My Story

Ive been meaning to write this post for ages, but honestly just haven't had the time! 
Now I'm finally getting round to telling you my experience on being a 'farmers wife'.

So firstly so many people ask me did i ever think id would be a 'farmers wife'! i honestly get that question a lot! and no i never thought in a million years id live on a farm it honestly just never crossed my mind! 

Growing up i lived in a town i suppose you could call it a small city but definitely not anything rural, nothing like where i am today thats for sure!
So as you may or may not be aware i met Graham through when i was 19, we chatted and hit it off after a few dates. 

He worked a lot but still had plenty of time to see me so i actually never thought the 'farming' life was all that bad as i never felt 'deprived' of seeing him as i worked full time to and we just worked around each others schedule i suppose.

After a year and a half yes that little time i feel pregnant! Alister was totally planned though and id spend a lot of time with Graham most evenings and would commute to work. 

I eventually moved in as it just made sense really!

So life after maternity leave... at home alone.. Graham obviously being the farmer working 7 days a week, hours depending on work etc but usually a full day everyday. 
Luckily enough although he works long hours he's technically working on our doorstep so he always came home for breakfast and lunch which has always been amazing just to fit in that hour or so together.

Once Alister was born I'm not going to lie i found it tough... i had the 'baby blues' BAD! i cried a lot and so did Alister! He just was never a settled baby so i suppose it felt just really overwhelming coming into motherhood kind of alone slightly.

Graham has never had any 'leave' as such like most dads have if in a normal job, he had a few hours off when i had Alister and went back to work when visiting hours were stopped.
And with both children he went back to work like normal the next day! obviously he's keen to pop in and spend time with us and when i need it like taking a shower! i found that such a struggle with Alister or even if i had such a bad night he would come in for an hour or so just so i could have a nap! 

Graham is his own boss but that doesn't mean he can take time off willy nilly! farm life is non stop literally! If the work doesn't get done, bills won't get paid!

I suppose the main point I'm trying to make about being the 'farmers wife' is that i actually don't know any different! Yes I'm with the kids everyday on my own a lot and as you can probably tell i take them everywhere with me! Im so used to doing a lot on my own with them its no different so i just get on with it! 

There are definitely days when i get a little down and a little bit lonely to be honest because i just would love Graham to be home more but reality is, its not going to happen.. We plan trips out and away just to make sure we get family time and couple time as you are probably aware from videos and blog posts.

Ive now learnt to live like this and i wouldn't change it for the world, i love my farming life if you want to call it that! i have highs and lows like anyone, but i can just give Graham a phone call if I'm feeling down find out where he is and go see him... so he isn't that far away after all really. 

I think I'm so used to Graham being out a lot i think id actually find if very strange if he was home more were just so used to our own routines and schedule's i run the house and kids and he works and pays the bills thats it really! You could say quite a traditional old school home.
We obviously both like it this way as it works well for both us and the kids, maybe i was just born to be a 'farmers wife' ha!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and it my have given you a small insight to a bit more of my 
life being mum & farmers wife.


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