Monday, 30 March 2015

Rebel Kitchen Coconut Milk Drinks | Review

Recently received some scrummy looking drinks from Rebel Kitchen.

These 'milkshakes' are Dairy free made from coconut milk and all contain delicious natural ingredients i.e: water, coconut milk, Date Nectar & cacao with added natural flavourings for example Banana Mylk contains crushed banana. 

I have to say i really enjoyed these, very flavoursome, each carton felt like i was drinking a treat but knowing all the ingredients are good natural ones made it more satisfying i think! 

I absolutely loved the Matcha Green tea & the Chai definitely my favourites and i was very sceptical trying those wondering what they'd actually be like. But generally all flavours are delicious couldn't fault one!

As you can see from the picture they come in two sizes 330ml & 200ml which is perfect size for a child. My two loved drinking these as a little after school treat or in their packed lunch at school would definitely recommend them.

I love the packaging on the Rebel kitchen cartons very appealing and definitely kid friendly. the screw tops are great to for on the go with no spillage!

The only thing i would say is that like it says on the packaging you really have to give them a good shake just incase for lumps!

You can pick up Rebel kitchen from many Stockists and even in stores and around the world to!


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