Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring cleaning the wardrobe!

Yes you've heard it I'm spring cleaning the kids wardrobes!

Getting their clothes ready for the Spring/ summer to arrive lets hope it comes sooner rather than later!

I wanted to share some tips on getting the most out of your children's wardrobes each season and even making some money back!

As your all aware i am a big shopper! I do love to find bargains and put things aside for the following seasons, not only does it save money in the long run but it also takes the stress out of shopping for your child because it literally feels like christmas once you dig out those treasures you have brought previously!

So for my top tips for getting the most out of your kids wardrobe!

1- Rotate their clothes! go through them every couple of weeks/ months depending on when you feel like it and pull out bits that have either been well worn or not used enough. I usually pop the well worn or stained clothes in the 'nursery or play' clothes draw, because at least they are still getting used  and getting the most out of them! For the clothes that aren't worn enough simple really put to the top of the piles/ front of the wardrobe and start wearing them! because we all know kids grow too fast!

2- When switching seasons pack things in boxes or in VAC PAC pouches, not only to protect them but to hopefully when either that season or a similar season comes round your can pull out the used clothes and hopefully if they still fit use them or sell them!

3- So yes as i said above sell those clothes that don't fit anymore! especially if your buying good brands and they are still in mint condition! Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook sites are great for selling used clothing! Oh and when march comes round head on out to your local Carboot sale!

4- Leave your tags on! I know I've been there brought new clothes and can't wait to get them on the kids so you rip off all the tags, well don't! If that clothing item doesn't get worn and that does happen from time to time! The re-sale value will be so much more if classed as 'new with tags' .

5- Lastly getting your monies worth from their clothing, i mean that by using each piece to the best of its ability! Violet has summer skirts that i pair with tights, sleeveless dresses that i put long sleeve tops under and cardigans over. Alister has polos that i put jumpers over the top. Basically using a clothing piece for all seasons!

I hope this post has been helpful & happy cleaning!!


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