Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Gym 3 Months In...

Thought id do a little update on how I'm getting on at the gym.. I actually cant believe its been 3 months now! Ive only missed 2 weeks in total which is a massive achievement for me at keeping it regular.

I have been sticking to my routine of Monday,Wednesday & Friday basically the mornings i can go when Violet is at nursery. I can honestly say I've really enjoyed adding it into my routine and i haven't found it too hard, i definitely get those days when I'm more tired than others but once I'm there i crack on with what i do and get it done!

My main reason i joined the gym was to just get back into keeping fit as i used to be quite active with at home DVD's and i just kind of lost motivation, also to help tone up my wobbly bits and to generally have that 'me' time, i love just popping in my headphones and having a good think when i work out.

So have i noticed any difference in the last few months?

Ive definitely noticed my energy levels from day to day are pretty good, i definitely feel more perkier in the mornings! My legs are definitely more defined and toned and my tummy is gradually getting tighter! Ive also noticed my stamina is getting better and better which is amazing for me as i hate running!!  and i feel like I'm getting stronger because i can do more reps with weights etc.

I wish i did a before and after picture to see the actual results or measurements although to be perfectly honest I'm pretty relaxed about that sort of thing, i don't actually weigh myself so i wouldn't know if id lost weight or gained muscle!

So all and all lots of positives from going to the gym as well as general confidence and changes in my skin yay!

If you want to know what i specifically do at the gym i did do a video last month and ill link it below. It hasn't really changed at all just maybe the resistant on the machines.

So heres to another 3 months!

Hows everyone else getting on are you sticking to your new year Goals so far?!


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