Saturday, 4 April 2015

Usborne Children's Cupcake Kit | Review

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of Usborne Children's Cupcake Kit back in February and i am here to tell you all about it!

Me and the children love to bake and i was really excited to have the opportunity to give this gorgeous kit ago.

The Kit comes well packaged in a lovely box and contains the cupcake recipe book which has 23 different cupcake recipes to choose from, some are even gluten and dairy & nut free so great if  your someone with allergies. The box also contains 380 cupcake case in two different sizes plus 20 cupcake toppers!

We made a few different cupcakes from the book and all recipes turned out perfectly and tasted amazing! Our favourite one was definitely the Maple & pecan so moist and delicious!

The recipe book is such an easy read for all ages even Alister age 5 read out the ingredients list with me, I also loved the illustrations and realistic photos of the cupcakes. Each ingredients list is nice and basic and the instructions are broken down into numbers with drawings next to them which really makes the book kid friendly.

Like i mentioned above i came across a few recipes that were Gluten, dairy and nut free and every recipe is adaptable to. Theres a good choice of different flavoured cupcakes as well as some themed cakes such as Christmas cupcakes.

I really love the book and so do the children i can definitely see us using it for years as they grow older and the fact that every recipe we've used so far has worked definitely makes me want to get through the whole book!

You can pick up Usbornes Children's Cupcake Kit from most online shops and stores and their own store here- Childrens Cupcake Kit


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