Thursday, 2 April 2015

Whats in the kids Easter Bags 2015

Like last year i wanted to share with you what i brought the kids for their Easter bag. 
Like Xmas Eve we've tried to make this a tradition and they receive these bags on Good Friday.
I love buying little bits here and there nothing too expensive everything is roughly £1-£2 each.
I made their bags also and they didn't cost me anything just from scrap material. 

I try to fill their bags up with useful things and not just treats. such as crafts/ activities to do over the Easter Holiday.

The contents of Alisters bag consist's of.
Bunny ears, bubble wand, transformer surprise bag, lamb ornament, sewing craft, painting craft, chocolate bunny, marshmallow chick box & a goody bag of mini eggs i put together.

 The contents of violets bag..
chocolate bunny, sewing craft, princess surprise bag, bunny ears, rabbit ornament, mini egg good bag i put together, bubble wand, painting craft and a bunny light.

All set and ready for the Easter holidays?

Last Years Easter Bags- Easter bags 2014


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