Sunday, 10 May 2015

Spring cleaning the ensuite!

Ive had this task on my mind and wrote down for absolute months! Finally I've decluttered and organised the ensuite!
It was utter chaos full of old products and just messy in general! 
I have enjoyed going through bits of the house and reorganising them it definitely makes such a difference even just by getting organised with different storage and getting the labeller out!
I have quite an obsession with Home Sense ( the home version of TkMaxx!) 
Ive found some amazing treasures and bargains over the last few years when trying to figure of what sort of 'home style' i like/ am! 
Anyway heres my before ensuite window seal! 

 Once cleared and cleaned!

Rummaging through the chaos and binning lots of out of date products!

And heres the after! It looks so much more spacious and organised! i much enjoy seeing this view every morning when i wake than the other thats for sure! 

I brought this storage suck on basket from home sense for £5.99 it fits well inside the shower on tiles or glass!

This section I've used H&M fabric baskets there quite old now though. 

My most used section is the skincare of corse!

And the little yellow basket holds useful essentials also from Home Sense for £4.99.

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post! I really enjoy spring cleaning and seeing the huge difference it makes!

Whats on your spring cleaning to do list?


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