Saturday, 27 June 2015

I went to Britmums Live | My experience

Hey everyone i wanted to share with you my experience going to Britmums Live for the first time this year. I was very nervous before going mainly because I'm not great at travelling such a home bird! But luckily a few months before i joined a Facebook page which was all things Britmums and i managed to find some lovely local girls to travel up with, which made me feel so much better that i wasn't alone!

I headed up on the train from Bournemouth to London Waterloo with the girls and we taxied it to our hotel. We actually all managed to book the same hotel! I stayed in the Thistle Barbican which was only about a 10-15min walk to the Brewery which is where Britmums is held.

The hotel itself was really nice, staff were friendly and it had a restaurant so you could eat whatever time of day. My room was pretty small but perfect for what i needed. I booked my ticket through Booking a few months before hand for only £70! which was a bargain as when i looked a couple of weeks before Britmums prices rocketed to over £200! So i was pleased i booked in advance!!!

So my Britmums experience... i met some amazing lovely mummies Amy who I've followed on YT for years, EmmaAmy , Natalie & Jen are all local girls so i have met them a couple of times previously. We basically all stuck together but went to different workshop / classes etc if needed!

Friday when we got to the Brewery we were starving and expected for some reason or another to get lunch there but there was only coffee & mini cakes so i would definitely recommend eating while on the train or just before! After the first day of workshops and mingling with Brands etc we headed to Pizza Express there were actually a few restaurants around to choose from in walking distance.

Early wake up for Saturday the Brewery put on a buffet type breakfast with pastries/ tea & coffee which was lovely! you can easily over indulge though because everything is in mini size!

Again we had the different workshops and Keynotes.. i actually dont feel like i learnt much from the workshops, maybe i knew more than i thought? or i chose the wrong workshops to go to?
But i really enjoyed the Keynotes especially Ella Woodward ( Deliciously Ella) and i really enjoyed Caprices talk to.

I throughly enjoyed Britmums I'm glad i experienced it and would highly recommend going especially speaking to brands and workshops if your a newbie.. I met some incredible big bloggers which definitely gave me a kick up the bum to improve my blog and strive for what i love doing!

Here are a few tips i thought id share-

* Bring snacks you will get hungry!

* Don't over pack you'll need extra room for all the freebies they hand out or bring an extra bag!

* Don't forget your business cards so important when meeting brands.

* Wear comfy shoes & bring a jacket you never know what the weather will be like or change to and your on your feet a lot!

* Dont bother bringing a huge camera like i did.. you won't use it! a little cybershot or just your phone will do honestly!

* Book travel & hotel in advance to save money! even if you do get a sponsor to cover, its totally worth being organised!

* Get on social media to find people to travel with etc...

I think thats it... I can't wait to book my early bird ticket because yes I'm definitely going next year!!
Please let me know if your going to so we can meet and all hang out :)

Have a look at my recent Vlog from when i went to Britmums!


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