Tuesday, 9 June 2015

LiveLean Unboxing & Review!

I was lucky enough to receive a LiveLean Meat Box just recently and I'm here to tell you more about the company.. LiveLean are based in Cheshire and provide an online meat delivery.
They source all their top quality meat from local farms which are free range and Grass fed and only from the UK.

The have a huge choice of meat on their website from Beef, Lamb, Chicken, they provide unusual cuts from Oxtail to Shin Steak which are definitely hard to come by unless you go to your local butcher.
LiveLean also do Exotic meats such as Crocodile, Ostrich & Buffalo if you fancy switching up your meal plan for something a little different these meats are frozen and imported.

Ive been really happy with the quality of the meat and how well packaged everything is.
Every item comes with the dates it was packaged and use by. They also provide a full ingredients list for items which have added flavourings i.e. sausages & meatballs.

LiveLean also do a good variety of products that are marinated, such as BBQ chicken wings & meatballs ready to pop on the BBQ!

On the Live Lean website they have a good selection of 'made up' Bundle boxes including the Muscle Fuel Box which comes with a good variety of different meats at a set price.

LiveLean also have a page full of Recipes if your unsure how to cook as certain item or just need a few ideas for your meal plan!

So far i have cooked with the meatballs which were amazing and full of flavour and we also tried the Buffalo steak which was also delicious and Barbecued the BBQ chicken wings yummy!

Im so impressed with the quality of the boxes, the meat comes well packaged in a polystyrene box with ice packs to keep meat fresh and cold.
LiveLean offer courier delivery and free delivery for orders over £49.95!

If you'd like to see a more in-depth review from what was inside my box check out the video below.


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