Thursday, 30 July 2015

Glamping Essentials!

Were heading for a little mini break over to the Isle of Wight on friday 31st i seriously can not wait!
Its been 2years since we last visited which seems like forever ago! The kids were only tiny, Violet was 18 months and Alister 4 years so doubt they even remember the trip!

Were Staying in a safari tent which we have done many of times now, seems to be our favourite accommodation of choice, we love the outdoors environment but having the little luxuries of a bed and electricity definitely suits us perfectly!

Anyway getting onto this post i just wanted to share some of the essentials ill be taking with us for the 3 nights.

* Food supplies- When 'self catering' of course its always good to bring the basic food supplies, i do usually head to the local supermarket for the fresh stuff when we arrive, but the basic dried packaged things like cereal, kids snacks & condiments.

* First Aid kit- The basic rule i suppose with travelling anywhere is to not forget the First Aid kit!
Plasters, antihistamine cream, i love the Arnica Cream for bruises. I always pack ibuprofen/ paracetamol for me & the kids, Suncream and any other medication anyone needs.

* Kids utensils- Bringing the kids plastic bowls, plates & cutlery is a definite must especially since everything supplied will be made out of china so breakable!

* Comforters- Blankets, dressing gowns & slippers these comfy cosy things are needed to keep you all warm in the evening and cold mornings. They are definitely the bulkier items to pack but so needed in my opinion! I hate feeling cold!

* Waterproofs- Well we can never risk not having those waterproof coats & wellies with this english weather!

* Utensils- I mentioned above the kids cutlery but from previous experience some of the utensils supplied can be awful! I always pack my favourite Pancake frying pan , tin opener and usually a decent sharp knife.

* Warm clothing- Even if the weather is forecasted to be warm definitely don't forget to pack those warmer jumpers/ jackets & trousers for evenings or if the weather takes a turn for the worst!

* Cleaning supplies- Tea towels, sponges, hand soap, dish soap & multi surface spray, i also pack the white pail bin liners and any carrier bags i can find. Travel wash can also be useful if your staying for longer and need to hand wash a few items.

* Lights & Electrical's- Little battery operated lanterns, torches or head lights a few are needed. Basic electrics such a phone or camera chargers, mini heater. Or if your tent doesn't come with a toaster or kettle.

* Entertainment- Although the reason why we like to 'Glamp' is to get away Television and gadgets. Its good for the chidden to have basic things to do. i.e. books, colouring, sticker books, games & puzzles. The outdoor games to, bat & ball, scooters/ bikes football. These things can be great on the journey there also.

* Bottled & a cool bag/box- bottled water is a must for us for many of things! and a cool bag to take picnics out!

* Potty!- Both my kids have grown out of the potty but i still feel like it is quite an essential when were at a distance from a toilet especially for night time and early morning!

BBQ Supplies- portable bbq or a disposable one with matches for the real cooking outdoors experience!

I think thats it i really can't think of anything else! If I've forgotten something important please leave in the comments below i really don't want to forget anything useful on this trip!

Heres the Glamping trip we took last year to Somerset- Somerset 2014

Glamping Essentials below-


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Meal Plan for the Week | 27th July

Our Meal plan for the week although a short one because were away from Friday- Monday!

B- Granola, yogurt & berries.
D- Pie, new potatoes & broccoli

B-  Pouched egg & Bagel.
D- Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread.

B- Summer Strawberry Pancakes
D- Make your own pizza & corn on the cob. Pizza dough recipe

B- Blueberry Waffles with natural yogurt.
D- Toad in the hole with broccoli & gravy.

B- Coffee smoothie- 1-2 frozen bananas, handful spinach, tsp peanut butter, 1-2tsp instant coffee or espresso, tsp chia & flaxseed and your choice of milk i use almond.



OCADO Grocery Haul below-


Monday, 27 July 2015

Our day out at Mudeford Quay 23rd July

For our first 'summer' holiday trip out i took the kids to Mudeford Quay in Christchurch. We have been here many of times its a beautiful place to come to and very reasonable parking prices which is always a bonus!

On the Quay you can go crabbing which is probably why most people come here as it is known for the 'crabbing quay' again i have taken the kids numerous times over the years and they absolutely love it!

There is a little shop on the quay which sell everything you need for a 'crabbing' day out again at a very reasonable cost.

We did a few hours crabbing and caught 18 crabs in total of course threw them gently back in after!
We took a picnic with us to keep costs down and the kids had a lovely paddle in the sea!

Before we headed home i sat with huge cup of hot chocolate with all the toppings and the kids had an ice cream each. There is a little cafe, pub restaurant and fishmongers also on the quay.

We had such a great first summer holiday day out the weather was good to which was a definite bonus!

Check out my day in the life from our trip to Mudeford below :)

Everything Mummy

Friday, 24 July 2015

Thomas J. Fudges Salted Caramel Florentines Review.

We received some super yummy post last week a package containing Thomas J. Fudges New Salted Caramel Florentines. Thomas J. Fudge is a family run business based in sunny Dorset right on our doorstep in fact!  Mr Thomas J. Fudge opened a little bakery back in 1916 and still his family continue to grow his remarkable & edible work. 

Well what can i say these gorgeous little Florentines are divine me and my husband polished off the box in half an half! They are deliciously chewy and covered in chocolate. A perfect little size for a few bites or down in one if your my husband! 

Layers or caramel & almonds and topped with sultanas these Florentines would be a great gift just take a look at the beautifully illustrated packaging! 

Thomas J. Fudges  do a large selection of sweet and savoury biscuits from Crisp pumpkin & sesame seed crackers to Dark chocolate Flapjacks and they also do Gift Packs which contain a selection of the varieties they sell.

Overall we absolutely loved the Salted Caramel Florentines the box definitely wasnt big enough as we definitely could of gone back for more!

You can buy these scrummy treats from their own website Thomas J., supermarkets such as Waitrose and also online on Ocado.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Meal Plan for the week | 20th July

Heres another Meal plan for our week. This week I've decided to add my breakfast ideas in as i love mixing it up and hate having the same thing every day!

B- Eggs (2), spinach & mushroom scramble, Cappuccino & water.
D- Crab, pea & broccoli Risotto.

B- Strawberry oatmeal smoothie- Frozen strawberries/ banana, 2-3 tbs oats, handful spinach, 1 tsp flaxseed, 1 tsp chia seed, 1-2 tbs natural yogurt or your choice greek honey is nice & lastly your glass size of Almond milk or water.
D- Breaded cod, homemade chips & HM mushy peas.

B- Pouched egg & 1 slice of wholemeal toast.
D- Sticky BBQ Marinated lamb ribs & Quinoa fried rice.

B- Peanut butter cookie overnight oatmeal.
D- Tacos/ sweet corn kebabs & side salad.

B- Pouched egg & wholemeal bagel.
D- Chicken Chow stir fry & rice noodles.

B- Pancakes, bacon & maple syrup.
D- Out

B- Granola, yogurt & fresh Berries.
D- Roast Beef or Jacket Potatoes!

Heres my grocery haul below.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Minion Top Trumps & Crayola Colour Alive Review...

With the Launch of the exciting new Minions movie we received some free fun new bits from the Minions range to try out! 

The Minions have gone global and launching lots of Minion themed products we've had fun playing Top Trumps. The kids have never played it before but they seem to pick it up very quickly. For ages 3+ the Top Trump Minions pack contains 30 themed feature cards each highlighting a different movie themed mission and characters. The cards retail at £4.99 and come in a handy case to keep them all together. 

The kids love to colour it keeps them quiet for ages, they had a blast colouring in the Minion Crayola Alive book. This 16 page colouring book comes with 7 felt tips and each page has a different Minion character to colour in. 

Whats more exciting with this colouring book is that you can download the Crayola Colour Alive APP from any IOS or Android portable device and watch your pictures come alive! 
The Minions & backgrounds come to life, your children can also take photos with the characters store and save them to play with later! 

The children were very impressed and quite excited that their Minion came to life as they definitely wasn't expecting it. 

The book retails at £6.99 Nationwide and the APP is free.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wicked Uncle Toy Review

We were lucky enough to choose a couple of fun toys for the kids to review from the company Wicked Uncle they are a huge kids E-Toy Shop based in rural Elveden.

The online store caters for all ages from birth- teens. I love the style of the shop as its broken down into 'boy & girl' categories with specific age brackets to choose from so makes shopping online a breeze were searching for the right toy for a child.

They also have a 'most popular' section for the toys that are most brought if your unsure what to buy.
The toys range from creative & learning to just pure enjoyment and fun toys. The list is endless on what to choose from!

Wicked Uncle only ship around the UK at a cost of £2.95 for standard delivery. or express to reach you by the following  day for £8.95.

I chose specific toys for both Alister 6 and Violet 3.5, something i knew they both would enjoy and would grow with!

Firstly i chose the Bubble Factory Machine for Violet, its something we don't have but previously a few years back did and they both throughly enjoyed it! Hours of fun in the garden through the summer holidays. This specific machine is by AIR Circus a very reasonable price of £15.95. The machine is brightly coloured so very appealing, comes with 250ml of bubble solution and sits on a sturdy stand. Violet loved carrying this bubble machine around with the handle provided.

The machine itself worked really well at creating the perfect little bubbles and its wasn't too noisy either! The Bubble Factory requires 4x 1.5C batteries & is suitable for ages 3+.

For Alister i chose the Rapid Fire Power Popper this toy looked awesome! He loves a Nerf gun but i think this took it to the next level! Safe for both indoor and outdoor play the power popper is a easy to use hand pump action shooter, the more and faster you pump the quick the balls shoot out. The Power popper comes with 12 lime green foam balls and is priced at £16.99. The balls can be fired upto 20 feet. Alister has had hours and hours fun with this toy with his friends! Such a simple toy to use for ages 4+. The quality of the shooter is good to it has been well used and thrown about but still looks like new and my husband has also loved having a go!

Wicked Uncle have a 'Award winning service' and is rated  99/100 in customer service on FEEFO
with nearly 4000 reviews.

I would highly recommend checking out Wicked Uncle if your looking for gift ideas for your children or for a gift. They also gift wrap and deliver straight to their address if requested!


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Our Meal Plan for the Week #1

I thought i'd start adding this post every week showing you our meal plan to help give ideas for anyone who is looking or stuck in a rut with their own meals!

MONDAY- Big salad! Something simple yet delicious.. the kids love huge salads with cold meats, tomatoes, olives,cucumber, avocado the list is endless just throw it on the plate!

TUESDAY- Spaghetti & meatballs is an absolute favourite & a quick dinner.. i also like to throw in extra 'hidden' veggies such as spinach & mushrooms.

WEDNESDAY- Sticky marinated lamb ribs i marinade them in a BBQ sauce overnight. Cheesy potato fans which is a pin i found something a little different for a side instead of just mash or chips! & some veg.

THURSDAY- Homemade burgers in rolls with BBQ corn on the cob.

FRIDAY- One pot salmon coconut curry pasta dish also found the pin can't wait to give it a try after a few tweaks.


SUNDAY- Roast beef, roasty potatoes & veg or something simple like a home-made soup or jacket

Feel free to check out what i brought in our weekly grocery haul below :)


Monday, 13 July 2015

10 Activities i'll be doing with the kids over the Summer Holidays!

The summer holidays are nearly here and I'm so excited.. although to be perfectly honest I'm more excited to just not be doing school run for 5.5weeks!

Ive been scouring Pinterest pinning some kids activities to do with the two terrors over the summer! They get terribly bored quickly and without having to spend a small fortune on taking them places i thought some at home fun things to do would keep us all happy!

So heres my list!

1- Scavenger Hunt- Theres a few types i like the simple Alphabet hunt or a Nature hunt the lists are endless really on what the kids can 'hunt' for. You can also make them harder for the older kids.

2- Science activities- We've done many science activities over the years the kids seem to love them. I really want to do Grow your own crystals with them. The kids are really interested in how things grow i thought this Growing experiment would be good because we could watch it over the holidays.

3- Rainy day indoor games are definitely needed! I think a homemade 'bored jar' would be useful.
Moon sand looks fun we've never made that before. sharpie mug would be a good personalised activity the can enjoy once made. Body tracing looks so much fun is always really interesting also to see how the children perceive and draw themselves!

4- Camping! We've recently got some tents and Alister keeps on and on about camping in the garden over the summer. I think they'd both enjoy star gazing for sure and having sleepovers also would be a new experience for them to.

5- Squirt gun painting definitely and outdoor game but could be seriously fun for all ages and a great homemade gift if you use a white canvas.

6- One on One time with the children is definitely something I'm looking forward to. Violet still has her routine Nursery days throughout summer as its already paid for so i will be making the most of having quality time with Alister which will be lovely & vice versa when Alister has time with his friends etc.

7- Water play the list is again endless with water! Water pistols, ice cubes & balloons.. I also love the look of doing a 'water wall'.

8- Baking/ cooking is on my list i want the kids to get involved more in the kitchen with me with choosing meals to cook and cakes to bake as its a huge enjoyment to my day and i'd like them to have the love for food like i do!

9- Cardboard projects The kids love getting crafty i really think they'd enjoy making fun things/ dens with cardboard. It would definitely kill a good hour if not more!

10- Lastly a couple of learning some outdoor fun Maths games, telling the timeAlphabet & some indoor board games!

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest here.

What do you have in mind to do with your children over the summer to keep the costs down?


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Littleladybugboutique_ Review

I was lucky enough or shall i say Violet was to receive some gorgeous handmade hair Bows and a beautiful matching cotton skirt from the lovely WAHM (work at home mum) Becky, she's a busy mum of 3 and makes gorgeous handmade items.

I am so impressed by the quality of the bows and the skirt is to die for, i gave her the basic measurements and she whipped it up in no time! It came well presented and with lots of growing room. The skirt also washes well as Violet has worn it quite a bit!

Becky sells a mixture of hair bows & clips, big & small. With a huge selection of prints, textures and themes they come in! Becky also changes the stock quite frequently with new designs.

I love the floral bows they are definitely my favourite! Although Violet always picks the sparkly ones!

If you'd like to check out Becky's work or make an order go check out her page here

This is a 'Tangled' themed bow!


Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Gym 6 months in..

I thought id do a follow up on how I'm getting on at the gym, i did a 3 month update if you fancy having a read here.

So 6 months in I'm still going strong! I've had a fair few days off generally with life just getting in the way etc but i have still got back on it after having to have a couple of short breaks and i feel quite good that i haven't given up as to be perfectly honest it could be easily done especially with life being so busy at the moment!

I still tend and try to go Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings and i also try to fit in Aqua fit on a Wednesday evening but as of lately I've been using our own pool after the gym which is quite refreshing and relaxing!

Ive stepped up my gain with weights and more ab work routines which I've really been enjoying and have noticed progression! I definitely get a bit of a buzz when I'm at the gym i think the adrenaline really kicks in after the first 20 min of what it feels like torture!!

I haven't lost any weight nor gained which is a win win for me as i need to do neither, I'm definitely just toning and sculpting which i love! i can see my arms and back muscles getting more defined every week.

Ive really been trying hard to love every bit of my body, we all have those lumps and bumps that we just don't like whether we are 'thin' or not..

My legs bother me for sure and my tiny chest frustrates me! but you know what I'm actually amazed at how my body has really bounced back after having two children.
Im so proud of my stretch marks and I'm never going to have a wash board tummy!!

I have definitely felt determined to be realistic on my time at the gym I'm really only there to generally keep fit and have my 'me time' which is needed! Also having the balance of healthy eating, exercise and those treats to look forward to definitely drive me everyday!

So 6 months in I'm doing great keeping fit and healthy and enjoying it.. which is all I've ever wanted.

Have you been sticking to your workout regime id love to know how your all getting on?

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