Thursday, 30 July 2015

Glamping Essentials!

Were heading for a little mini break over to the Isle of Wight on friday 31st i seriously can not wait!
Its been 2years since we last visited which seems like forever ago! The kids were only tiny, Violet was 18 months and Alister 4 years so doubt they even remember the trip!

Were Staying in a safari tent which we have done many of times now, seems to be our favourite accommodation of choice, we love the outdoors environment but having the little luxuries of a bed and electricity definitely suits us perfectly!

Anyway getting onto this post i just wanted to share some of the essentials ill be taking with us for the 3 nights.

* Food supplies- When 'self catering' of course its always good to bring the basic food supplies, i do usually head to the local supermarket for the fresh stuff when we arrive, but the basic dried packaged things like cereal, kids snacks & condiments.

* First Aid kit- The basic rule i suppose with travelling anywhere is to not forget the First Aid kit!
Plasters, antihistamine cream, i love the Arnica Cream for bruises. I always pack ibuprofen/ paracetamol for me & the kids, Suncream and any other medication anyone needs.

* Kids utensils- Bringing the kids plastic bowls, plates & cutlery is a definite must especially since everything supplied will be made out of china so breakable!

* Comforters- Blankets, dressing gowns & slippers these comfy cosy things are needed to keep you all warm in the evening and cold mornings. They are definitely the bulkier items to pack but so needed in my opinion! I hate feeling cold!

* Waterproofs- Well we can never risk not having those waterproof coats & wellies with this english weather!

* Utensils- I mentioned above the kids cutlery but from previous experience some of the utensils supplied can be awful! I always pack my favourite Pancake frying pan , tin opener and usually a decent sharp knife.

* Warm clothing- Even if the weather is forecasted to be warm definitely don't forget to pack those warmer jumpers/ jackets & trousers for evenings or if the weather takes a turn for the worst!

* Cleaning supplies- Tea towels, sponges, hand soap, dish soap & multi surface spray, i also pack the white pail bin liners and any carrier bags i can find. Travel wash can also be useful if your staying for longer and need to hand wash a few items.

* Lights & Electrical's- Little battery operated lanterns, torches or head lights a few are needed. Basic electrics such a phone or camera chargers, mini heater. Or if your tent doesn't come with a toaster or kettle.

* Entertainment- Although the reason why we like to 'Glamp' is to get away Television and gadgets. Its good for the chidden to have basic things to do. i.e. books, colouring, sticker books, games & puzzles. The outdoor games to, bat & ball, scooters/ bikes football. These things can be great on the journey there also.

* Bottled & a cool bag/box- bottled water is a must for us for many of things! and a cool bag to take picnics out!

* Potty!- Both my kids have grown out of the potty but i still feel like it is quite an essential when were at a distance from a toilet especially for night time and early morning!

BBQ Supplies- portable bbq or a disposable one with matches for the real cooking outdoors experience!

I think thats it i really can't think of anything else! If I've forgotten something important please leave in the comments below i really don't want to forget anything useful on this trip!

Heres the Glamping trip we took last year to Somerset- Somerset 2014

Glamping Essentials below-


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