Sunday, 19 July 2015

Minion Top Trumps & Crayola Colour Alive Review...

With the Launch of the exciting new Minions movie we received some free fun new bits from the Minions range to try out! 

The Minions have gone global and launching lots of Minion themed products we've had fun playing Top Trumps. The kids have never played it before but they seem to pick it up very quickly. For ages 3+ the Top Trump Minions pack contains 30 themed feature cards each highlighting a different movie themed mission and characters. The cards retail at £4.99 and come in a handy case to keep them all together. 

The kids love to colour it keeps them quiet for ages, they had a blast colouring in the Minion Crayola Alive book. This 16 page colouring book comes with 7 felt tips and each page has a different Minion character to colour in. 

Whats more exciting with this colouring book is that you can download the Crayola Colour Alive APP from any IOS or Android portable device and watch your pictures come alive! 
The Minions & backgrounds come to life, your children can also take photos with the characters store and save them to play with later! 

The children were very impressed and quite excited that their Minion came to life as they definitely wasn't expecting it. 

The book retails at £6.99 Nationwide and the APP is free.


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