Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Gym 6 months in..

I thought id do a follow up on how I'm getting on at the gym, i did a 3 month update if you fancy having a read here.

So 6 months in I'm still going strong! I've had a fair few days off generally with life just getting in the way etc but i have still got back on it after having to have a couple of short breaks and i feel quite good that i haven't given up as to be perfectly honest it could be easily done especially with life being so busy at the moment!

I still tend and try to go Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings and i also try to fit in Aqua fit on a Wednesday evening but as of lately I've been using our own pool after the gym which is quite refreshing and relaxing!

Ive stepped up my gain with weights and more ab work routines which I've really been enjoying and have noticed progression! I definitely get a bit of a buzz when I'm at the gym i think the adrenaline really kicks in after the first 20 min of what it feels like torture!!

I haven't lost any weight nor gained which is a win win for me as i need to do neither, I'm definitely just toning and sculpting which i love! i can see my arms and back muscles getting more defined every week.

Ive really been trying hard to love every bit of my body, we all have those lumps and bumps that we just don't like whether we are 'thin' or not..

My legs bother me for sure and my tiny chest frustrates me! but you know what I'm actually amazed at how my body has really bounced back after having two children.
Im so proud of my stretch marks and I'm never going to have a wash board tummy!!

I have definitely felt determined to be realistic on my time at the gym I'm really only there to generally keep fit and have my 'me time' which is needed! Also having the balance of healthy eating, exercise and those treats to look forward to definitely drive me everyday!

So 6 months in I'm doing great keeping fit and healthy and enjoying it.. which is all I've ever wanted.

Have you been sticking to your workout regime id love to know how your all getting on?


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