Monday, 31 August 2015

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

We recently had the chance to receive a free copy of the new Lego Awesome ideas book by DK.
As you may be aware Alister my son is obsessed with Lego so i knew this book would suit him perfectly.

The new Lego book is full of all new projects for expanding your Lego sets, with a focus on breaking down inspirational LEGO models like never before.

The book itself is broken down into different 'themes' Outer Space, Modern Metropolis, The Wild West, Fantasy Land & The Real World. All pages vary in design for different level of abilities those range from step by step guides and demonstrations to big model galleries of how you can achieve a large lego world and extra ideas for expanding your world to the maximum.

The LEGO Awesome ideas book contains insider tips from LEGO masters, and intricate showstoppers for the most ambitious builder.

Each of the books chapters steadily builds up a theme world showing readers they too can create an entire LEGO world from scratch.

From beginners to masters LEGO Awesome Ideas encourage fans to open their imagination and create their own LEGO designs to expand their LEGO knowledge and creativity.

We all had great fun digging through Alister huge pile of LEGO recreating some of the great models that are in this book. Alister being the pro definitely took over and showed me the ropes. Me being a beginner found he step by step guides brilliant and i quickly moved on to the harder bigger builds.

Alister has built a few models from the book from the different bits of LEGO he has, he has found it tricky since most of the models are 'themed' but working with building his own replica on a few designs has been good.
The book has definitely given Alister some new and fresh ideas to work with and build towards as he gets older and grows his Lego collection. 
He's already asked father Christmas for the 'Out of Space' Themed Lego Christmas!

The LEGO Awesome Ideas book is still not yet released until 1st September but if your looking to get hold of it sooner then check Rafflecopter below and get entering!


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Christmas Turkeys!

We've just recently got our Christmas Turkeys for this year! Still can't quite believe I'm writing a post about Christmas but I'm kind of excited! It all starts to feel like its coming round once we get the turkeys in and summer is coming to an end for another year...

I must admit i am rather sad as i love the summer but it has been  rather wet  & disappointing weather wise this year..

So on to Christmas has anyone started the xmas shopping yet? Im on a roll with generally shopping as of late the kids autumn/ winter clothes are done!

YES i know I'm a keen shopper i just can't help myself with buying in advance!

I actually went online yesterday and brought a few new bits for myself from Next A/W collection I'm really loving khaki would you believe.. of course my favourite for anytime of year is navy though!

With Violets 4th Birthday approaching the end of October as she keeps reminding my daily! I haven't started on the Xmas shopping for the children I'm just so unsure of what to get them!
They seem to have everything toy wise its kind of ridiculous then i also think, where are they even going to put these extra presents?

I have a big family so they get a lot usually i wouldn't say they are spoilt but just very lucky children.
I was thinking maybe getting them both a joint present instead of lots of little ones.. but what?

Any ideas would be welcome!

 Anyway meet our new little turkeys!
 We are rearing 25 this year. 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Oxford Foodies Festival 2015

Are you someone who loves really good food? Then i think you would love the Oxford Foodies Festival!

There are quite a few food festivals being held all over the UK through the summer.
Im particularly interested in the Festival in Oxford South Parks every year they seem to get bigger and better. This year it is held from 29-31st August and welcomes people of all ages.

There are different 'theatres' for example the new Tasting theatre which is designed by bloggers & experts introducing the latest foods & flavours including raw foods, Japanese soul & Vegan.
There is the cake theatre for 3D cake moulding and learning the basics of sugar craft and many more!

The Food festival runs over the weekend from 11am- 7pm there are many tents which are full of some amazing different food to try and its gets families, friends & chefs together to discuss their love of food and banquet together on huge long tables!

Theres fun things for the children to do including a 'children's cookery theatre' to then the basics of cooking and new skills. Children 12 years and under also go free!

Heres a list of Whats on during the weekend.

Im really looking forward to having a good taste of some of the pop up restaurants and might even have a go at the cocktail masterclass!


Monday, 24 August 2015

Meal Plan for the week 24th August

Heres our meal plan for the week, only 1 week left till back to school Alister is seriously counting down the days to see all his friends again bless him!

This week really trying to keep it healthy, I've really enjoyed the holidays eating whatever & whenever i want literally! But its time to get back to on track with routine and start eating the right stuff again i know we'll all definitely feel better for it.

B- Brownie batter overnight chia oatmeal made this before so delicious!
D- Soy salmon stirfry total favourite!

B- Creamy spinach with fried eggs
D- 'Greek' marinated chicken with lots of green veggies, spinach, broccoli & beans.

B- Pear pancakes, the kids love grated pear into the Pancake mix.
D- Homemade Lasagne with broccoli.

B- Pouched egg, bacon & 1/2 avocado.
D- Fish curry with Quinoa.

B- Peanut butter porridge with banana.
D- Homemade pizza's with corn on the cob.

B- Waffles bacon & maple syrup as its the weekend!
D- were out for end of season cricket meal.

B- Peanut butter chocolate oatmeal smoothie ill be adding spinach in also!

Morrisons Grocery haul below


Saturday, 22 August 2015

We are Playmobil Playologist's!

We have recently been asked to become part of the Playmobil Playologist's. Which is super exciting for the children as you know they are keen builders and enjoy imaginative play, having the chance to play and review some of the newest of the Playmobil toys is a real honour!

Alister was lucky enough to receive the Wolf's Knights castle which mummy had to build! 
I managed to do it though within 30mins i reckon, the instructions were really good step by step instructions which definitely helped!

The castle itself once build is super sturdy and comes with lots of different features including ladders, opening doors, hanging flags & even a working catapult.
Alister absolutely loves it, there are 3 playmobil men and 1 horse that come with the castle as well as loads of extras like armour, swords & shields.
I love added features of the little torches and flags on the castle. 
The Wolf's knights castle retails at £59.99.

Violet received the Take along princess birthday set. 
Which is an on the go toy  which folds up into a little case. I found this really simple to put together with some stickers included and background boards for the extra features.
This set has a prince & princess with tons of added bits and bobs including birthday presents, a cake, lots of pretty flowers to name a few!
This retails at £49.99.

Violet has been so happy playing with this toy for hours she's really into creating characters through imaginative play and setting the whole birthday scene! 

Were very excited to be working along side Playmobil and hopefully sharing so more of their products very soon.



Thursday, 20 August 2015

Marley Spoon BBQ Box Review..

Ive been doing some serious cooking with Marley Spoon this week. Using the freshest ingredients and produce sourced locally all delivered in one box! 

Marley Spoon help people that don't have the time to always think of a meal and opt for the most convenient, They do this by coming up with some amazing recipes online which they change weekly, source all the ingredients for you, you pick what you fancy for that week and they deliver straight to your door when you want it. Simple!

Marley Spoon work with some great chefs that create some delicious dishes, they come up with 7 new ideas each week! They vary with different meat choices, fish and they have a vegetarian option. 
Some of the meal plans vary in price from about £4.90 per portion and you can choose up to 8 people to choose a meal for.

I actually received the new BBQ Box menu i had the choice of a few different meals and i chose the BBQ burger & chilli wedges & the Moroccan Salmon with spiced tomato salad.
Im definitely someone that only cooks with fresh ingredients, i loved the fact that all the ingredients provided were sourced around the UK and all lovely and fresh.

First up we made the Moroccan Salmon which honestly was delicious with all the spices and flavours. The salmon fillets were a good size and we had plenty of potatoes, i really enjoyed the tomato & onion sautéed with cumin  definitely something I've never tried before.

My husband was definitely more excited about trying the BBQ burger since he's a big meat lover, sadly we actually didn't receive the beef patties which were supposed to be provided, we ended up with beef strips! Marley spoon assured me that has never happened before. We still managed to cook everything up and basically ended up with a beef steak burger which was really good! The smoky bacon was amazing and we really loved the paprika spiced wedges.

All in all really enjoyed the experience of Marley Spoon and cooking with such lovely ingredients. 
Also trying foods and combinations i wouldn't of usually cooked with was great! 
The quality is definitely very high with the produce and thought out meals.
Would definitely recommend giving them a try.

If you'd like to give Marley Spoon a try they have kindly given my readers £20 off their first order!
Just use the code 'Witt&Marley' at the checkout!


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Meal plan for the week | 17th August

Were back from holiday so back on routine with eating more normally and having to cook which I'm quite happy about!

B- Granola, yogurt & berries
D- Chicken & veg pie (leftover chicken from the sunday roast) with Mashed potato.

B- Pouched egg, slice of toast and 1/2 avocado.
D- Left over chicken & veg pie with mash & carrots.

B- Chocolate peanut butter chia breakfast
D- Oven baked salmon with Quinoa fried rice.

B- Mushrooms & spinach scramble using 3 eggs.
D- Slowcooker Lamb Curry with rice & popadoms.

B- Blueberry waffles
D- Im actually out with the girls for a birthday meal but ill be making Graham & the kids Toad in the hole one of their favourites with gravy & veg.

B- Strawberry oaty smoothie take out the sugar , add in some spinach & tsp flaxseed using almond milk.

B- Pancakes, syrup & bacon!
D- Roast lamb

Check out our Lidl Grocery haul- 


Monday, 17 August 2015

Leapad Platinum Review

We have recently been asked to become apart of the Leapfrog Vloggers which means we get to review the newest of the leapfrog products for you and let you know what we think!

First up the kids have been enjoying the new Leappad Platinum.
An amazing new 7" learning tablet for ages 3+.

Go check out our video review below.


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Keeping the kids busy indoors | August Activities

I can't actually believe I'm sharing some indoor activities I've been doing with the kids over summer but the weather has been rubbish! So I've had to keep them inside somedays.

I thought id share a couple of things the kids enjoy doing some of these things keep them occupied for ages!

Violet loves her Melissa & Doug threading beads she's had them ages but still she continues to enjoy them making necklaces, some have numbers so she threads them in order count in each one.

Both kids love Playdoh hours of fun building and creating we have a few different sets so they can pretend they are at a ice cream parlour or Jewellery making. Playdoh is a winner for whatever age!

Alister loves the TAP TAP ART which is basically a cork board, wooden shapes and pins, and you just hammer them into the board making different types of shapes. Alisters favourite are robots and cars usually!

A lot of the time Violets dolls house is packed away just because its so big and takes up a lot of space, its really nice for her to get it out though on days were staying in, she likes to include other bits in with it to such as Playmobil princess take along birthday again hours of fun.

Lastly you definitely can't beat pulling out puzzles and getting the colouring out! I do love a puzzle myself Alister recently got this Minion Puzzle which contains 4 x100 piece puzzles slightly more difficult for Violet but she's definitely getting the hang of it!

Hope this have given you some ideas for things to do when the weather isn't that great it can be difficult trying to entertain them for a long period inside over the summer!

What do your kids enjoy doing inside?


Monday, 10 August 2015

Glamping Meal Plan 10th August

Thought id do a slightly different meal plan this week since were away glamping in Cornwall and obviously we still have to eat! So Graham & i will be preparing more easier/ barbecue type food this week to keep us all going. I do love food on the bbq!

B- At home still till we set off likely ill have granola, yogurt & berries.
D- Were probably travel down a few fresh bits so home-made Burgers & rolls & bbq corn.

B- Pancakes, bacon & maple is a must for the first morning of glamping!
D- Marinated barbecued chicken breast, rice & salad.

B- Egg & bacon english muffins.
D- Hot dogs with Sweetcorn potato salad.

B- Fry up! So usually eggs, bacon,sausages, baked beans & mushrooms.
D- Our last night we usually head out for dinner somewhere local.

B- heading home so we may go out for breakfast!


Friday, 7 August 2015

KALLO Milk Chocolate Organic Minis Review

The children were sent a couple of free packs of the new Kallo Milk Chocolate Minis to try, we have been buying Kallo rice cakes for years in all flavours. The kids love to snack on them and i feel really happy to give these little things to them because not only are they delicious as i quite enjoy them myself but they are also packed with goodness and contain great ingredients.

These little handy packs come in a multi pack of 6 mini packets which each contain 4 bite size milk chocolate covered rice cakes. Great for throwing in lunch boxes & handbags!

The children loved having these in our picnic basket a great little pick me up for a long day out or quick snack in the car!

I love the new packaging very inviting illustrations and a nice bold colour which stands out to children. They were definitely intrigued when i pulled these out of the handbag!

More about these little rice cakes-

* Contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
* Gluten free.
* 69 calories per 14g portion pack.
* Vegetarian and Coeliac friendly.

We will continue to buy Kallo products they have a huge choice of savoury snacks also on their website and are also found in most supermarkets.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Meal Plan for the week | 4th August

This is a short week since we've been away and soon again to be heading down to Cornwall on Monday. Ive lost my mojo with cooking so far over the summer holidays anyone else feel like that?

I just feel that I've been losing track of time through the days or we've been out till later so dinner hasn't been a huge priority and the kids would happily sit with a sandwich & yogurt!

Anyway I'm trying to get back on it so heres our meal ideas!


B- Eggs & bacon english muffin with a black coffee.
D- Smoked cod, new potatoes & broccoli.

B- Granola, yogurt & berries
D- Homemade lasagne & veg

B- Toast with cashew nut butter & banana with a black coffee.
D- Baked camembert, crusty bread & salami/ olives.

B- Scrambled eggs with spinach & a slice of wholemeal toast.
D- Baked soy salmon with Quinoa 'Fried' rice.

B- Peanut butter waffles with syrup & bananas.

B- IKEA Cinnamon roll with a fruit.
D- Slowcooker Roast Chicken, roasted potatoes & vegetables.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Healthy Breakfast ideas July 2015

Thought id share some yummy breakfast ideas with you! Its so easy to get stuck in a rut of having the same things for breakfast, i actually love mixing it up so heres what I've been eating in july!

2 scrambled eggs with spinach & mushrooms, handful grapes & a Coffee.

Oaty strawberry & banana smoothie- 1 frozen banana, a few frozen strawberries, handful spinach, 2 tbs rolled oats, 1-2 tsp flaxseed & chia & 1 tbs yogurt topped with your choice of milk. 

wholemeal toast with cashew nut butter, blueberries & strawberries with a tea.

Lizzies low sugar granola, rachels organic coconut yogurt with fresh strawberries & blueberries with a caramel latte.

Wholemeal bagel, pouched egg, spinach & a cup of tea.

Waitrose Tropical granola, natural yogurt with strawberries & blueberries and a cup of tea.

Almond milk pancakes, bacon & maple syrup with a cappuchino.

Summer Strawberry pancakes , strawberry yogurt & fresh strawberries with a black coffee.

IKEA cinnamon roll baked in the oven, fresh raspberries & black coffee.

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