Saturday, 29 August 2015

Christmas Turkeys!

We've just recently got our Christmas Turkeys for this year! Still can't quite believe I'm writing a post about Christmas but I'm kind of excited! It all starts to feel like its coming round once we get the turkeys in and summer is coming to an end for another year...

I must admit i am rather sad as i love the summer but it has been  rather wet  & disappointing weather wise this year..

So on to Christmas has anyone started the xmas shopping yet? Im on a roll with generally shopping as of late the kids autumn/ winter clothes are done!

YES i know I'm a keen shopper i just can't help myself with buying in advance!

I actually went online yesterday and brought a few new bits for myself from Next A/W collection I'm really loving khaki would you believe.. of course my favourite for anytime of year is navy though!

With Violets 4th Birthday approaching the end of October as she keeps reminding my daily! I haven't started on the Xmas shopping for the children I'm just so unsure of what to get them!
They seem to have everything toy wise its kind of ridiculous then i also think, where are they even going to put these extra presents?

I have a big family so they get a lot usually i wouldn't say they are spoilt but just very lucky children.
I was thinking maybe getting them both a joint present instead of lots of little ones.. but what?

Any ideas would be welcome!

 Anyway meet our new little turkeys!
 We are rearing 25 this year. 


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