Friday, 7 August 2015

KALLO Milk Chocolate Organic Minis Review

The children were sent a couple of free packs of the new Kallo Milk Chocolate Minis to try, we have been buying Kallo rice cakes for years in all flavours. The kids love to snack on them and i feel really happy to give these little things to them because not only are they delicious as i quite enjoy them myself but they are also packed with goodness and contain great ingredients.

These little handy packs come in a multi pack of 6 mini packets which each contain 4 bite size milk chocolate covered rice cakes. Great for throwing in lunch boxes & handbags!

The children loved having these in our picnic basket a great little pick me up for a long day out or quick snack in the car!

I love the new packaging very inviting illustrations and a nice bold colour which stands out to children. They were definitely intrigued when i pulled these out of the handbag!

More about these little rice cakes-

* Contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
* Gluten free.
* 69 calories per 14g portion pack.
* Vegetarian and Coeliac friendly.

We will continue to buy Kallo products they have a huge choice of savoury snacks also on their website and are also found in most supermarkets.


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