Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Oxford Foodies Festival 2015

Are you someone who loves really good food? Then i think you would love the Oxford Foodies Festival!

There are quite a few food festivals being held all over the UK through the summer.
Im particularly interested in the Festival in Oxford South Parks every year they seem to get bigger and better. This year it is held from 29-31st August and welcomes people of all ages.

There are different 'theatres' for example the new Tasting theatre which is designed by bloggers & experts introducing the latest foods & flavours including raw foods, Japanese soul & Vegan.
There is the cake theatre for 3D cake moulding and learning the basics of sugar craft and many more!

The Food festival runs over the weekend from 11am- 7pm there are many tents which are full of some amazing different food to try and its gets families, friends & chefs together to discuss their love of food and banquet together on huge long tables!

Theres fun things for the children to do including a 'children's cookery theatre' to then the basics of cooking and new skills. Children 12 years and under also go free!

Heres a list of Whats on during the weekend.

Im really looking forward to having a good taste of some of the pop up restaurants and might even have a go at the cocktail masterclass!


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