Sunday, 27 September 2015

An Essentials Guide to Camping with kids!

We've been Camping/ Glamping with the children a good few times now over the past few years, it seems to be our favourite way to holiday.

Im sure some parents couldn't bare the thought of going back to basics with cooking and having no TV and could possibly think it would be more stress than a holiday with children! But honestly the children are the happiest when they are outdoors, reaping in the environment and fresh air. It all seems to calm them and keep them occupied for hours foraging, playing outdoors games or helping with the bbq.

I wanted to put together a helpful essentials guide of things i think are useful when camping with children.

Snacks are definitely a good choice when camping with children especially since I'm sure they are practically always hungry.. well at least my two seem to be! Some healthy yet high energy on the go snacks will definitely do the trick when either hiking or just generally out and about.
Here are a few id recommend great for mums & dads to!

Sanchi  Tamari brown rice crackers a lovely savoury snack quite Moorish.

Orgran itsy bitsy chocolate chip gluten free bears are super cute and taste amazing.

Orgran Vanilla animals cookies gluten free, nice handy packs for on the go!

CLIFF Bars are a great source of protein and full of yummy yet healthy ingredients with lots of different flavours to try from!

Jumble bee dried fruit comes in lots of different mixed varieties. A great sweet treat handy to have as they don't go off as quick as fruit!

If the weather is looking not that great while camping to keep nice and warm why not try a very cool and cosy and new for 2015 Starwalker Sleeping Bag from Vango.

These sleeping bags are great for sleeping obviously but also great for lounging around the fire, keeping busy but still being lovely and warm, the bag has zip off compartments to make your limbs easy accessible, the bottom half of the bag zips completely off so it gives your child movement to walk around but still stay warm as well as popping their arms through the zipper holes provided and a little hood to keep their head warm. RRP £35.

Extra Features include-


Single layer stitch through construction which maximisers lofting for extra warmth.

Two way Zipper.

Polair fabrics so lovely and breathable.

Max height 150cm & Weight 1.05kg.

Not only that they also come in adult size!

Hope this little guide has been helpful with deciding whether to take the kids on a camping trip!

   Claire x

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