Friday, 11 September 2015

Oxford Foodies Festival | Our Day 30th Aug

I did a post last week about the Oxford Foodies Festival about how we were excited to be going so i thought id do a follow up post on how we got on at our first 'foodies festival'

Well what can i say the day was very very wet! Thank god I'm quite organised and i was tracking the weather before we left so i came very prepared with waterproofs & wellies for us and the children.

First impressions on the festival was that it was definitely a lot smaller then i thought i would be..
However we very much enjoyed ourselves despite the weather. 
The children had fun splashing in muddy puddles, me and Graham enjoyed the array of food there was on offer to eat. We had a mixture from slow roast duck, to local pork pasties and home-made fudge! 

The live bands on stage defiantly kept us all a bit more upbeat despite the dampness!

I have to admit because i wasn't driving i was eager to head to the cider tent!
I tried two very delicious flavoured local ciders. 

There were 2-3 tents which were cooking demonstrations which to be honest we didn't get a look in because it was so busy with everyone trying to get shelter! They did look quite interesting though, maybe next time!

I would definitely recommend heading there especially if the weather is good! 


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