Saturday, 31 October 2015

Get Ready With Me & Autumn Casual Outfit | October 2015

I haven't done a 'Get ready with me' type video in ages so i made this a chatty one.. Also with it being half term i actually have time to sit back and casually put on my make up and even use a few things i don't have time for day to day!

Im hoping to start bringing in more style posts & videos as i love nothing more than putting pieces together and i am naturally a 'co-ordinating' sort of person although it can drive Graham crazy when it comes to me choosing what he wears ha!

Heres a simple very casual outfit of me wearing my new Primark Shawl, i was super unsure if this would suit me and if it would just get in the way, but i actually really like it, its super easy to layer up and its rather snuggly!!!

I paired the shawl with an old Gap long sleeve top, Gap jeans & my recent Office Chelsea Boot which i am slightly obsessed with!

Here my chatty GRWM Video below-


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Playmobil Super4 Review | #PlaymobilPlayologist

Being part of the Playmobil Playologist Team when recently received a fantastic new selection of the Super 4 toys available! Playmobil have brought out 4 super hero figures with their own 'theme' worlds. Children definitely love 'super heroes' especially ones that can really come to life in their own hands and imagination.

To celebrate the Super4 toys from the CITV series four free theme adventure trails have come to the streets of london, they have been created for young budding heroes and their grownups for their attempt to find treasure!

There is a reward for every challenge you complete, but four super lucky adventurers will win a limited edition Super 4 Figures hidden on each trail to find out where the trails are visit-

We received Twinkle in her Musical Flower Tower, Twinkle and her friend can be seen flying around this beautiful musical tower, which folds into itself for easy transportation. Inside the tower is a beautiful wind up music box with also folding petals. The fairies can stand inside the petals and also on the roof. The set comes with lots of little accessories such as a pretty little unicorn, fairy wands and some magic potions.

Violet absolutely loves this set, it is such a pretty little toy and i love the fact you can pack it all away to keep all the bits together. The wind up musical feature is really nice as well as the cute little fairies that come with it.

I found it very easy t put together took me no more than 15mins and the instructions were very easy to follow. the Musical Flower Tower retails at £39.99

Alister was thrilled to receive the Lost Island With Alien & Raptor. This is more of jungle themed toy and which domes with an explorer who stumbles across Raptor Dinosaur and his fearless friend Alien. The set comes with lots of foliage and food for added features.

Again this set was super easy to put together Alister did it himself and really has enjoyed playing with it and using his imagination. He's actually asked for more sets to go with it!
The Lost Island set retails at £14.99.

Check out my video review below-




Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Meal plan for the Week 26th October

Half Term week has arrived hurray! We i can tell you i have definitely taking some easy steps this week to ensure I'm not slaving over a hot stove this week and hoping for a peaceful relaxed week.
Well hopefully more relaxed i doubt peaceful with the kids around all day every day!!!

Salmon, pouched egg, spinach & cream cheese bagels with maybe side salad.

Me and Graham are at a farming presentation meal :)

Chicken & Lentil Curry with rice & popadoms.

Slowcooker Chilli Con Carnie- Quinoa.

Homemade Pizza with corn on the cob.


Slowcooker Lamb Stew with greens.

OCADO Grocery Haul-


Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Big Noisy Book Of Dinosaurs Review

Alister has always loved dinosaurs from a young age and we were lucky enough to receive this very cool Book called The Noisy Book Of Dinosaurs a few weeks back by Dk.

On the front cover there is a noisy button which the children quite enjoyed pressing and listening to the very loud roar from the T-REX. Quite an informative books with lots of different facts of the different types of dinosaurs that are extinct. The children found it very amusing trying to get me to read out all of the dinosaurs names and repeating them!

Great all rounder book with lots of big colourful pictures as well as their skeletons nice and educational and really gets the children asking whats this and that on each page as well as 'what happened to the dinosaurs' which i had a lot! Violet also enjoyed reading this along with me.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Kids Halloween Basket ideas 2015

I love nothing more the creating fun 'festive' themed baskets for the children i think ill actually be quite sad once they grow out of it! With Halloween just round the corner i brought a few goodies for the kids to enjoy over the half term week. I wanted to share what I've put inside them since i love sharing inspiration and even maybe starting a new tradition in your household each year?

Like i said its only a few bits and bobs nothing overly expensive and some things like the buckets are from previous years.

So both Alister & Violet get exactly the same for obvious reasons now they are both at a similar age we can't have them bickering over who's got what!!

I picked up a couple of Halloween Themed plates & tumblers from Sainsbury's. I thought buying actually plates and not just paper ones at least we can use them every year.

They both have a 'Spooky' activity book from home bargains as well as a light up glow stick, Spooky stickers, wind up toy each and some fun witches fingers! I loved these as a child.

And lastly how could we not add some candy! I don't like to go too crazy with the sweeties for obvious reasons but this time of year it has to be done! I filled up their tumblers with chocolate eye balls, a couple of lollies and some creepy marshmallow treats!

I really hope you've enjoyed this post let me know if you'll be doing a halloween basket this year!

Claire x

Halloween Haul-


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dora & Friends | Train & play Dora and Perrito Review

Violet loves Dora the Explorer so when we were asked to review the Dora doll how could i refuse!

We recently received the Fisher Price Dora & Perrito which is from the new line of characters that have come from the Dora & friends TV program. Its helping preschoolers bring the characters to life through play and imagination. 

This new doll has a lead attached to Dora's dog Perrito, the child can teach Perrito to sit, walk, high five and even do fun tricks with his toy.

Violet definitely had a good go a teaching Perrito some fun tricks it did take a few goes to get the hang of it, but the instructions were really helpful and in no time Violet was training Perrito up on her own!

Dora & Perrito work together great with the children to interact by pressing Dora's button on her top as well as using voice and hand signals it seems to be quite a clever and upmarket toy.

Dora is 11.5" tall and comes with a detachable skirt, her hair is super soft and Violet couldn't wait to give it a brush and put it up into a pony tail! Violet has really enjoyed playing with this toy its fun, colourful, very interactive and would definitely recommend it. It retails at £39 and would be a great Christmas Gift!


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Halloween Events in Dorset

With Halloween and half term approaching have you thought about where your headed for some fun activities and light entertainment for all of the family or even camping this year?

Well my two have been on and on about going to some sort of Halloween event where they can dress up and get all spooky and a little bit scared! Whether its pumpkin picking, your friends Halloween party or a local event it definitely worth getting all the family involved just to feel that little bit festive!

I have listed a few local events going on around the South that are definitely worth sharing.

1- Theres a fun and free event going on at the Aruba bar on 31st in Bournemouth situated right on the beach.They are offering free activities and face painting for children. As well as teaming up with the Minky Moo's for a fabulously spooky party! The sessions run at 12pm, 1pm & 2pm. You could even stay for a bite to eat in their restaurant to!

2- Find ghosts and pumpkins on Corfe Castle's  Halloween Quest from October 24th- 1st November. Theres a Teddy zip wire challenge, bring along your favourite brave bear to have a go! 
Have a spooky yet educational walk through the castle as well as listening to some spooky story telling!  Great for all ages.

3- If you looking for a right fright Dorchester have a Ghost Walk for all the family on the 31st its a Halloween special Alistair Chisholm (Town Crier) and Chris Gallarus (both Blue Badge Guides) will tiptoe you through alleys and down by the river at 8pm. Adults £6 Children £3.

4- If you looking for a full family day out with a bit of spookiness throughout your day why not head to Adventure wonderland. Its packed full of fantastic rides with added frightening fun hosting a brand new show called the Dream Busters, creep through the Scare Maze or even meet with Scooby Doo and the gang on 27th.
Theres even the return of the night time Monster Bash on the 30th-31st from 6.30pm - 10pm and was totally sold out last year, with competitions and games.. just don't forget your torch!

5- If you looking for something slightly more low key why not check out Sopley Farm for some Pumpkin picking this is a personal favourite place of ours where we like to come every year to pick lots of diffenret fruit and veggies. Pumpkins are definitely on the list at Sopley in all shapes and sizes.
Then head over to Pinterest to pick out some creepy designs and have a pumpkin carving contest!

For other ideas and places to visit around the UK check out this Halloween Activities post from
The Caravan Company. What will you be getting up to this Halloween?

                                                   *This is a collaborative post*


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Meal plan for the week 19th October

The colder weather has defiantly come in nearer the end of last week, all I've been thinking about is carbs and hearty stews!!! Not great for the waist line but hey tastes great!!!

Homemade butternut squash soup with crusty fresh bread.

My dads over so he may bring cheeky fish & chips...

Homemade Lasagne with veggies.

Homemade pizza

Salmon Encroute with veggies.

Cricket meal

Slow cooker Faggot stew with broccoli

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Monday, 19 October 2015

My Current Skincare Routine October 2015

I posted a couple of videos back in January of my skincare routine and i will leave them linked below.
I haven't changed a massive amount to be perfectly honest. My skin has been so much better since sticking to the same products and i believe thats probably the key to having clearer skin. I say clearer because honestly i can't ever imagine myself having clear skin! i don't think I've seen a spot free face since being pregnant which is very frustrating.

Im hoping as i get older now only being 27, that when i hit my 30's my teenage like skin will settle but who knows! Most people think you get spots because your not washing your face enough I've definitely had that comment for sure.. but honestly i wash my face twice a day and would never sleep in makeup, even if it means using a horrid face wipe!

For the morning i like to use the Neutrogena visibly clear face wash now this has mixed reviews all over some people really don't get on with it but for some reason its seems to work great on my oily skin. It doesn't dry it out at all and it quite refreshing foamy wash in the mornings. I use this and wash off with a clean flannel.

For mornings when i shower like after the gym i use a mixture of quick face washes, the current one is Simple Clear Skin face wash its a really light exfoliating face wash again really like using it. Ive also just finished up the Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash & mask again great face wash but most importantly i love that i can whip it on in the shower and leave it as a mask for a few minutes, i also find this wash tingles on my skin once applied.

After washing my face i spritz on La Roche Possay Serozinc I've been using this since dec/jan time and love it, its a spray toner for oily skin which really helps with shine and tightening those pores.

The La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo has been in my life for quite some years now on and off. This is a light serum supposedly to help unclog pores, helps with shine control and the appearance of scaring.
I really like using this and use it mainly on the lower half of my face where i breakout the most and its quite soothing.

I actually need to find an 'anti ageing' eye cream I've noticed a few fine lines just recently but i really love this eye cream First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy I've had the same tube since January and use it twice a day! Total worth the money! Its a skin colour cream kind of looks like a concealer which i really like, instantly brightens the under eye, de-puffs & smoothes. I really love using this a i can see an instant result but will definitely look into maybe a night eye anti ageing eye cream, Any recommendations would be grateful.

Lastly for day time I've been using the Estee Lauder Day cream Oil free SPF 25 this is only a sample size and have only been using this for 3 weeks but I'm hooked honestly! Its such a rich yet light cream and absorbs lovely into my skin. I haven't had any signs of new blemishes when using which is my main worry and i love that it has a high SPF.

The previous day cream i was using which i still love is the Botanics Mattifying day cream. Again doesn't break me out and so affordable.

For evenings i use my Clarisonic Mia 2 every night to take off my make up. I think the Clarisonic has made my skin dramatically different in texture and much more brighter. I think using it could also be the reason why my skin this year has been so much better. With the Clarisonic i love the First Aid beauty Cleanser again have used these two together since Jan and have never looked back, the cleansed is a great combination of creamy and not too foamy so doesn't dry my skin out when using it with the Clarisonic. Its so gentle, has hardly any smell and great for sensitive blemish prone skin.

I got sent a free sample of the Insta Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum a few months back and i use this a couple times a week its quite drying so i tend not to use it too often but it seems to be helping with my scarring.

Another sample size of something I've wanted to try for years is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair raved about by many people, its smells divine quite 'spa' like and relaxing. I was worried it might be too 'oily' for my but the serum just sinks and disappears into my skin I've been using this as the last product on my skin before bed and love it, I will definitely be getting it in full size!

For eye make up removers or lazy late nights i use Bioderma Sebum H20 its a great all rounder cleansing water this type is specifically for oily / combo skin and the pink bottle is for dry. 

As well as a lip balm thats pretty much that for my skincare. I hope you've enjoyed this little update and have given you some ideas especially if you have some unruly skin like mine!

Morning & Evening skincare videos below:


Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Week in Pictures 12th- 17th October

Well i kind of failed saying id do these every week... nothing new for me ha! its been a busy one this week like the norm really.. Im definitely looking forward to Half term coming up for sure...

Me & Violet met my friend Sophie at urban reef Boscombe it was such a gorgeous day the kids just played on the beach and here my little outfit of the day!

Alister practising his times tables he's getting really confident with those now.

Italian Tray bake for dinner so delicious and ridiculously easy you'll find the recipe in my > Recipe Playlist.

Violet feeding the piggies so fruit one evening.

Gorgeous sunset with little fudges shadow.

Ham, egg & Chips for dinner yum yum!

Kids doing some halloween/ Autumnal crafts.

Violet reading me her vintage sleeping beauty book we found in a local charity shop for 50p!

New glasses for me from Specavers slight 'cat eye' shape.

Oh and thats my Brunch at Urban Reef! Love me some pancakes, bacon & maple syrup!

Saturday morning baking with my lovely kitchen Aid.

Enjoyed a bubbly strawberry & lime cider.

Selfie in the car on route to help Graham at the market.

Graham life the log burner first tim win months oh my I've missed it for sure!!

We had a lovely family evening walk such beautiful skies.

Hows your week been? Who's looking forward to Halloween?!

Claire x


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Meal Plan for the Week 12th October

Switching up some meals this week and got Graham to throw in a few ideas as lasts weeks meals were slightly 'samey',  better variety this week and some old but good recipes!

MONDAY- Italian Traybake this recipe is years old but such a simple and delicious one 'tray' dish.

TUESDAY- Smoked haddock & pea Risotto this is one of Violets favourites... she loves 'yellow' fish!

WEDNESDAY- Ham, egg & Homemade chips with peas ( Grahams request)

THURSDAY- Sloecooker beef & red wine stew with dumplings such a hearty winter dish i may even do a video on this!

FRIDAY- Baked Salmon with Warm new potato & egg salad new pin and looks delish!


SUNDAY- Homemade butternut soup?!

Morrisons Grocery Haul


Apple picking in Autumn

We did a bit of apple picking recently and i just wanted to share some pictures i took of the children and delicious Apples!!

I can't actually believe how amazing October has been so far, chilly mornings and the warm sun in the afternoon couldn't ask for anything more on an Autumn day. I actually made an apple crumble over the weekend and will be sharing the recipe on here in the next few days! 

Im also hoping to make some apple sauce and maybe an apple cake if i get round to it!


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

GRRRRR! Rob Biddulph Book Review

We recently received a free copy of GRRRRR, winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, by Rob Biddulph. 

We all have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, its such a lovely rhyming story we have read it over and over. The children quickly feel in love with Fred the main character and i just love the true meaning of what the story is all about. 

The pictures are very inviting with bursts of colour on each page with so much to take in. I love the style of rhyming writing the children tend to pick it up really quickly each time we read it.

Alister has also done a great job reading the book to us himself which is a pleasure also as its such an easy and exciting read.

The children have also been testing out their Grrrrr's with the new Harper Collins GRRRRR App which has been quite a contest, you upload your growling audio to the app and it rates and lets you know who has the loudest GRRRRR!! 

So just a little bit about the book...

Fred is a bear who loves to train for the whole year for the 'Best Bear Contest'. 
A new bear comes to town called Boris, Boris is big and strong and also wants to win the bear contest.

On the day of the contest Fred loses his GRRRRR and can not find it anywhere! his friends all help to find it... 

I won't tell you the end of the story as you honestly need to buy it or for that matter try and win one in my Giveaway below! There are 5 books to WIN so enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to get your hands on one!

Check out my full video review below-


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Shipwreck Rails Review

The children recently received this Thomas trackmaster shipwreck rails toy. I can honestly say they been playing with it non stop since i built it!

The Thomas ship wreck rails was inspired by the dvd movie ' Sodors Legend of the lost Treasure'.

The Toy train set includes a full track which was super easy to build because the instructions were really great they were labelled with a letter & number which was also on the piece of track. The toy also comes with a battery operated Thomas. Thomas climbs the steep incline than makes his way to the suspended track, plunges down the top of the ship and suspends upside down in the spiral and repeats.

This is such a great toy not only does Thomas do what he's supposed to do climbing the track through the spiral etc which is a plus because you can set it up and just let the train do its thing which the children loved watching over and over totally fascinated! But the quality of the toy is really great, super sturdy plastic everything joined together well and still hasn't broken apart as of yet!

The Thomas ship wreck rails is a great size and suitable for ages 3-6 years although i think most children would find this a great toy. RRP around £40.


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