Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dora & Friends | Train & play Dora and Perrito Review

Violet loves Dora the Explorer so when we were asked to review the Dora doll how could i refuse!

We recently received the Fisher Price Dora & Perrito which is from the new line of characters that have come from the Dora & friends TV program. Its helping preschoolers bring the characters to life through play and imagination. 

This new doll has a lead attached to Dora's dog Perrito, the child can teach Perrito to sit, walk, high five and even do fun tricks with his toy.

Violet definitely had a good go a teaching Perrito some fun tricks it did take a few goes to get the hang of it, but the instructions were really helpful and in no time Violet was training Perrito up on her own!

Dora & Perrito work together great with the children to interact by pressing Dora's button on her top as well as using voice and hand signals it seems to be quite a clever and upmarket toy.

Dora is 11.5" tall and comes with a detachable skirt, her hair is super soft and Violet couldn't wait to give it a brush and put it up into a pony tail! Violet has really enjoyed playing with this toy its fun, colourful, very interactive and would definitely recommend it. It retails at £39 and would be a great Christmas Gift!


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